Friday, February 20, 2009

i fail at blogging.

hello dearest blog reader! how are you?
wow have i abandoned my blog or what? terrible, terrible kiwi.

i shall go back to blogging soonish though. right now, i'm happy, i thought you should know, and that's all for today.

see you on the internets,


Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A trip in pictures.

So, I'm back from Berlin, and since I'm currently really tired, I was thinking instead of writing lots and lots of stuff about the whole trip (that everyone will forget or be too lazy to read anyway haha) I'm just gonna post some pictures here. Yes? Good idea? I KNOW ^__^

The show!!(with muserine)

(with German comedian Christian Ulmen as Uwe Wöllner -bitch drank half of my beer. psh.)

(muserine and German director Detlev Buck)

(in clockwise direction: diamondoftears, MEEEE, the really cute German YouTube partner support girl Verena, muserine, Pockhuhnfilm, mystery guy, manniacmind, AericWinter)

(with Pockhuhnfilm, muserine and Verena)

(with muserine. and beer. of course.)

The city!!(the Berlin Cathedral)

(an attempt at not freezing with ralfonzo83 in front of the Brandenburg Gate)

(unfortunately, I forgot the name of that church. It's still pretty though! In the front: the Spree)

(the entrance of the part of the Sony Center, where the show took place)

(the roof of the Sony Center)

(the Fernsehturm at night. Mmmm, foggy!)

The photobooth whores!!(with Ralfonzo83)

(with muserine and Ralfonzo83)

(with Ralfonzo83)

(in clockwise direction: Redfrettchen, manniacmind, Pockhuhnfilm, MEEEE, Ralfonzo83, muserine)

(with Ralfonzo83)

(with muserine)

(with muserine, Ralfonzo83, Pockhuhnfilm)

SO! If you made it this far, here, have a cupcake.
I suggest you click on all those links there (geez, even if you could care less, do it for meeeee because it took forever to post them lol)

Those five days in Berlin were most excellent, and were over way too fast. And I wanna say thank you to muserine and her boyfriend for letting me stay at their place (you two are the bestest hosts of all time, seriously) and also thank you to YouTube (I know you read my blog, YouTube) for throwing such a nice little party there. Including two open bars...(yeah, thanks, really. It's always nice to check your own Twitter profile the next day and read the rather strange things you've posted at a time where you should just NOT touch your phone or a computer at all...)

I've never before experienced some sort of after-gathering-blues, but I do this time. I miss you, and I hope we meet again soon.