Wednesday, April 29, 2009

oh em gee update time. yo.

hello dearest reader! i'm just assuming someone still reads this blog even though i've been abandoning it quite a lot lately. me so sowwy. really.
thing is, i'm so busy! ahhh! i haven't slept much and been packing my things for the big mooooove later this week (yes yes if you haven't heard, i'm moving to berlin and i am SO EXCITED ^___^) and just in general, there's been so much organizing and planning going on, i sometimes wonder my head is.
where's yo head aaaatt atatatatat.. shalalala. that's a nice song btw.
oh god, see what i mean?! this is how my brain functions nowadays. i say something, i think of something else, worst case scenario i even SAY something out loud then.. and so on and so forth. grrrraaahhhh.
anyway! i really just wanted to say hi, hello, i'm still alive and actually doing extremely fabulous, besides being busy and not having too much time for online things. which i MISS! no kidding. but!!! i shall get back to that soon. i hope our internet connection is gonna be set up soon and won't turn into another disaster of two months offline-time (because omg that sucked beyond suckage) aaaaand i'm pretty sure this time it's gonna work out a lot better. different isp, more expensive isp, basically the german mothership of isp's. yep. so.. i want some better service for my money!!
(also, i tooootally want to film some sort of ytv cribs with speedyconkiwi, once our place is nicely set up and with actual furniture and all that bwahahhaa -yes yes, i realize, megalomaniac. but JUUUUUUST a little. let me feed my ego if i want toooo!!!)

wow. i think i need sleep. hm. we'll see.
*looks at glass of milk next to her*
yeah ew.

what's new in your life? tell me eeeeeeverything ^__^

cupcakes and unicorns for all,
i'm a happy kiwi

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


about an hour ago, i've posted this tweet:
if i ever ask you for a nice photo of yourself cuz i'm bored and want to play around with photoshop... don't send me one. for your own sake.

in case you were wondering what i meant.. well, let me just show you!
(kerstin and i during our wild party period. i'm guessing we were feeling punkish or something)

(uhm.. he might tell you he's a robot, but really he's a cyclops.)

(jc looks innocent in his videos, doesn't he? yeah right. but off camera.. different story.)

(also, keep in mind that i've never even touched photoshop until this weekend. just trying things, playing around with it.)

and since i know awesome people, the lovely jc made this for me in return:

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

that is SO me!

lulz. Ben did this for me:he was so nice to title it "kiwibitch.jpg" <3
don't you love how they don't look like me at all? and don't you love how it has GINGER SPICE on it??? :D :D :D