Monday, September 28, 2009

new things.

we bought a frikken amazing new camera (canon legria hf200). it's HD and takes photos as well, so i thought i'd try that feature and here's what came out of that:
(please click on each photo to view them in full size.)

(i know this one looks totally like a collage but it isn't. just some rather sloppy color correction, and that's an actual post-it on the window.)

("when i grow up, i'm gonna be a hedgehog.")

Thursday, September 10, 2009

creative cat.

my cat is crazy.
beautiful interior design. just beautiful.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


i'm weird.

Friday, August 14, 2009

i know it's been a while..

.. but i'm glad you came. (britney spears)

hey you lovely people, how's life?
i wanna tell you a little story today.

when i was 13, i was on vacation for two weeks without my parents. and the first time i called them was halfway through said vacation. (please consider that back then, eleven years ago, it was NOT normal to have a cell phone when you're 13 years old. just sayin'.)
they were incredibly pissed off at me for not calling them earlier to tell them i was fine and having fun because they were worried about me, but my mom said she was already assuming i was doing great because a friend had told her that "they never call if they're good and having a fantastic time. only if things aren't going too well, they let you know."
and that friend was right.

it's the same thing with this blog, really.
i've been having such a good time lately, meeting people, going places, experincing new things, spending time with my kitteh and the people i love, that there just hasn't been time really to write blog posts.
well, maybe time, but no motivation to do so.
so here i am, just to tell you that i definitely haven't abandoned this blog or any other online activities (even though i haven't been actively online as much lately) but i'm just enjoying life as it is right now and am happy and all that jazz ;)

LOVE to you all and thank you for sticking around with me :)


Saturday, July 18, 2009

a little late night blogging and bitching.

(well, late night for me at least. 1:49am here.)

geez the heat.. the heat drives me insane-o. it's cooling down a bit right now since it's been raining a lot today but i think tomorrow will just be as hot as the last few days.
not. interesting.
the kitty is crying for my attention and i'm sleepy so let's make this a quick one.

i'm so terribly annoyed by anything youtube-y right now. nothing's working properly, the new channel layouts hurt my eyes and are also buggy as hell and hooray! they tend to crash my poor little firefox every now and then. such fun.
i dunno. i always think: the hardest part about making a video shouldn't be uploading and waiting for it to be live, but right now it is.
when i watch videos, it takes forfuckingever so i can watch them without having to pause every now and then and let it load, and it's just all so... ugh.
i dunno.
just UGH.
i've had big plans for new videos and (i think) pretty neat ideas, but it's all so... UGH right now.
i'm sorry. we'll get back to that soon i hope. seriously.
i don't like when i feel like youtube hates me.

enough bitching for now, i needs some sleepies.

hope you're good!


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

just some things.

like the new design? i'm so indecisive about it, i think i've changed it like 5 times in the past 12 hours or so (who says i have no life? fuck you! ^^) and i think it's just about getting used to something new (duh) but oh my, the old design had to go, it was so early 2008, y'know.
i've also added some sort of guestbook. well, as you can see the previous post here is the official guestbook now. and it's linked in the sidebar, so once it's off the first page here, it'll make more sense, i guess ;)
and how sneaky am i! guestbook for free and not with some lame lycos-website-from-1998-design on some random other website, but here! yay!
how are you?
today, i am considering getting an iPhone. yah yah i know.
well, i have been considering getting one for a while now, have been checking the different rate options and so on. and now that my old cell phone contract is slowly running out, i think it might be time to check all that once again and make a decision.
(as you may be able to tell, i'm usually horrible with decisions. but hey, every once in a while even i am able to make one.)
sooooo that's my plan for the day. tomorrow, i'll take the cat to the vet, she needs a follow-up vaccination and OH how exciting, first time ever visit to the vet! at least for me, with her. she's been there before. anyway.
what other nonsense could i tell you about?
i'm going to see my dad again this weekend, hooray for a 8.5 hours train ride. one way. it's his birthday on the 11th, and we'll have a whole bunch of family members visiting and omg omg omg i have no idea what to get him. seriously. i never know. christmas, birthday, father's day.. it's all the same, i never know and probably end up getting him another cookbook.
(cookbook is a funny word btw. it amuses me. i'm apparently easy to amuse. oh well. i'm a simple mind.)

having said all that, i'm totally out of anything i could tell you right now. just know i'm good, and i hope so are you.


le guestbook!

have something to tell me? feel free to do so!


PS: "anonymous" comments are BOO! ;)

Saturday, July 4, 2009

adventure saturday in pictures, go!

we just wanted to enjoy the post-rain air outside and get some ice cream, and then we ended up hiking through the wilderness of berlin ;) enjoy!

i'm sure i was thinking about profound things there...

adventurous blondes! as if you didn't know her already, i present you my lovely co-explorer muserine!

a bridge over quite untroubled water.

one thing i noticed today: must be weird to go out with youtubers/twitterererers/bloggers. they always have a camera ready somewhere and tend to document everything (see the phone in my hand? rrrright.)

hiding. possibly from nazgul.

playground fun, myspace-edition.

playground fun, "let's have fun with the only phallic object there"-edition, part 1.

playground fun, "let's have fun with the only phallic object there"-edition. part 2.

dirty chucks. favorite chucks.

omgggg a youtuber in front of water! and a bridge! and green nature things!

i look somehow disappointed at the water. hmm. i really wasn't, i swear! it was awesome water! totally waterlike and stuff!

fellowship of the ring re-enactment. i swear this place was asking for an appearance by nazgul!
while posing and taking photos there, we witnessed a stolen-bike-chase. victim was a little boy. villain was a little boy too. how's that for a different experience on a relaxed saturday afternoon?

taking a photo of someone who takes a photo = ha ha. how fun am i. woot! it's a nice picture though :)

the size of this swing still irritates me.

also, look at the ground underneath that swing! it looked so weird and misplaced there. and i wouldn't have been surprised if the ground had opened and a monster had appeared.
(you may already know this, but that didn't happen. whew!)

then again.. something MUST have nibbled a bit on that monster swing.. well, i guess monsters just wanna have fun, too. *shrugs*

super romantic posing in front of even more water. and a sunset. love that photo!

and me! while taking a photo of muserine taking a photo of me. wow. are you amazed now?
i am! :)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

kitty 2.0

it's really no wonder i don't get anything done here anymore...(this photo is SO meant to be made into a lolcat. SOMEONE DO IT ALREADY!!!)
this is patch. in case you haven't heard yet (as if that's even possible) she's the newest addition to our household and omg, cutest little thing ever. also, already insanely superstarish on the interwebs.

Saturday, June 27, 2009


this made me laugh so much ^_____^

(i should totally share more of my mail with you. you don't have the slightest idea what accidental comedic genius lies burried in my inbox.)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

a journey.

i'm on my way from berlin to munich via train. actually, my journey goes a bit more south than munich, so all together this is gonna take a little more than 8 hours. whoopie! the sky is grey and cloudy and so is my mood. such a long train ride isn't all that much fun to begin with, but it's even worse if you're not even looking forward to your destination.
i have to take care of a last few things in my old apartment, get rid of spare furniture and all that crap.
i. don't. want. to.
actually, right now i feel like switching trains at the next stop (leipzig) and just go back home.
over-dramatic kiwi, right here.

there are two guys in my part of the train who discuss twitter and how useless and stupid it is. from what they're saying, i have a feeling they never even looked at the website, yet alone joined it to try it out or anything like that.
i love when people talk about stuff they obviously have absolutely no fucking clue about. LOVE it.
those two talking about twitter is just as stupid as two guys, talking about what it's like to be on your period.

yay!!!! only 6 hours and 50 minutes to go!!!! -.-

one more hour until i arrive in munich. it's so quiet in my part of the train right now, i think there are maybe 4 or 5 people here, including me. i even managed to record a little video and edit it here, fighting boredom and such, you know me.

THE NEXT DAY aka TODAY aka SUNDAY (dun dun dun duunnnnn!)
i'm at my dad's. yes, believe it or not, i actually made it. i arrived at 11:30pm, got picked up at the station, went to my dad's, and since then have been trying to trick my "mobile internet" crap stick thing to get some reception. it works, occasionally.
in a bit i'll pick up a friend of mine and we'll go to munich (by car. thank the holy mariah!) and then try to trash the spare furniture i still have there at my old apartment.
and you know what? until the end of the upcoming week, i (hopefully) won't have to deal with anything regarding that apartment in munich again. fingers crossed.

that's it from me so far. i'll totally annoy you more through twitter, and maybe blogger. just because i'm gonna be THAT bored :)

hope you're good,

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

oy vey.

another month.
i've abandoned this blog for another month. well, almost at least.
i feel guilty! i love this blog! i really do! i love it when you guys post me comments and all that. i love it!
and then i just forget to write things here. sighness.
oh well! let me update you then.
i've bought the sims 3. it's fantastic.
i haven't played it in a week or so. the reason for that is that i bought another most fabulous toy.
a graphic pen tablet, that came with such amazing software as adobe photoshop elements 6 and -even better- artrage2. there is a free version out there of the second program and i can only highly suggest you go and try it out because OMG hours of fun!
i also noticed that unlike drawing irl on real paper and whatnot, i'm actually pretty good at drawing on my computer.
this adds one more point to my theory about me not being made for a life outside of a computer. well, except maybe for cuddling. because that's pretty awesome irl and sucks via computer.
but!!!! point being: i love drawing with my computer. i love the new hardware i got, i love the new software, i love spending hours and hours drawing things and making cute little anime characters of the people i know.
for example!
this is muserine and her cute little companion OX in front of the berlin skyline:
this is ralfonzo83 with his german germ germy in front of the brandenburg gate:(there is a colored version of this as well but i like this one so there you go.)

i also did a rather comic-ish drawing of "baby the babygoldfishking":(i previously posted this on my german blog - the bubble says "and there goes my authority"; here's some sort of background story to this: baby the babygoldfishking is rather frustrated and depressed because despite of his young age, he is already king but can't wear his own crown because it's too big for his little head. the end.)

and then today i made a banner for the blog of my loveliest friend elaine:

so you can see, i'm insanely busy. ahem.
i'm also procrastinating on recording another learn german video, and trust me, drawing things is a fantastic way to do just that!

so i hope this post with all its pictures and links made up for the long time without a new post,
and i shall blog to you soon!


edit: just finished this!! weeeee

Thursday, May 21, 2009

pictures! and a few words :D

hello world, it's been a while!
this blog post is just to say i'm still alive, i'm good, i'm happy, irl is fun!
but enough of that, we'll get back into the e-swing of things soon, i'm the meantime, enjoy this beautiful photo collage (and possibly make your own?)
most importantly, try guessing my answers!

here's how you do the collage thingie [i totally stole this from ben who stole it from jasmine who stole it from johnny. hooray! a chain of thieves!]

    - Go to Google image search.
    - Type in your answer to each question.
    - Choose a picture from the first page.
    - Use this website ( to make your collage.
    1. What is your name?
    2. What is your favorite food?
    3. What is your hometown?
    4. What is your favorite color?
    5. What is your favorite movie?
    6. What is your favorite drink?
    7. What is your dream vacation?
    8. What is your favorite dessert?
    9. What is one word to describe yourself?
    10. How are you feeling right now?
    11. What do you love most in the world?
    12. What do you want to be when you grow up?

  • fun? i know!!! :D
    now guess away!


    Wednesday, April 29, 2009

    oh em gee update time. yo.

    hello dearest reader! i'm just assuming someone still reads this blog even though i've been abandoning it quite a lot lately. me so sowwy. really.
    thing is, i'm so busy! ahhh! i haven't slept much and been packing my things for the big mooooove later this week (yes yes if you haven't heard, i'm moving to berlin and i am SO EXCITED ^___^) and just in general, there's been so much organizing and planning going on, i sometimes wonder my head is.
    where's yo head aaaatt atatatatat.. shalalala. that's a nice song btw.
    oh god, see what i mean?! this is how my brain functions nowadays. i say something, i think of something else, worst case scenario i even SAY something out loud then.. and so on and so forth. grrrraaahhhh.
    anyway! i really just wanted to say hi, hello, i'm still alive and actually doing extremely fabulous, besides being busy and not having too much time for online things. which i MISS! no kidding. but!!! i shall get back to that soon. i hope our internet connection is gonna be set up soon and won't turn into another disaster of two months offline-time (because omg that sucked beyond suckage) aaaaand i'm pretty sure this time it's gonna work out a lot better. different isp, more expensive isp, basically the german mothership of isp's. yep. so.. i want some better service for my money!!
    (also, i tooootally want to film some sort of ytv cribs with speedyconkiwi, once our place is nicely set up and with actual furniture and all that bwahahhaa -yes yes, i realize, megalomaniac. but JUUUUUUST a little. let me feed my ego if i want toooo!!!)

    wow. i think i need sleep. hm. we'll see.
    *looks at glass of milk next to her*
    yeah ew.

    what's new in your life? tell me eeeeeeverything ^__^

    cupcakes and unicorns for all,
    i'm a happy kiwi

    Tuesday, April 21, 2009


    about an hour ago, i've posted this tweet:
    if i ever ask you for a nice photo of yourself cuz i'm bored and want to play around with photoshop... don't send me one. for your own sake.

    in case you were wondering what i meant.. well, let me just show you!
    (kerstin and i during our wild party period. i'm guessing we were feeling punkish or something)

    (uhm.. he might tell you he's a robot, but really he's a cyclops.)

    (jc looks innocent in his videos, doesn't he? yeah right. but off camera.. different story.)

    (also, keep in mind that i've never even touched photoshop until this weekend. just trying things, playing around with it.)

    and since i know awesome people, the lovely jc made this for me in return:

    Tuesday, April 14, 2009

    that is SO me!

    lulz. Ben did this for me:he was so nice to title it "kiwibitch.jpg" <3
    don't you love how they don't look like me at all? and don't you love how it has GINGER SPICE on it??? :D :D :D

    Friday, March 27, 2009


    yeah so i think i'm over the things i wrote in "thoughts." thanks to ralfi for kicking my butt to make a video :)

    i appreciate all your comments on that rather emo blog post i wrote there though. and sorry about the whining haha <3

    Wednesday, March 25, 2009

    the bird.

    I'm confident about my art."Pink Bird Standing On A Banana For No Apparent Reason With Two happy Cherries In The Background"

    20:25 and omg i am SO bored.
    20:25 wow.
    20:25 make a video!
    20:25 or not
    20:25 meh
    20:25 paint a lovely picture of a bird?
    20:26 wtf??
    20:26 NO
    20:26 -.-
    20:26 why not??
    20:26 it might be fun
    20:26 why would i????????????
    20:26 i think i'm gonna watch some twin peaks.
    20:26 because you are bored?
    20:26 the pizza went to your head, it seems.
    20:27 no no.. food was missing... now I'm more me (or not, I don't know what I'm saying.. maybe you're right)
    20:28 I want you to paint a picture of a bird and than twitpic it or something
    that could be fun
    20:28 uhm
    20:28 i could do that
    20:28 i just have no pens or crayons or anything.
    20:28 OH
    20:28 i could use paintbrush
    20:28 there you go!
    20:28 or try to. because it's probably gonna crash every 2 minutes
    ok FINE.
    20:29 weeee

    Tuesday, March 24, 2009


    [dramatic] i feel like i've shoved my main channel into a hole and i don't know how to drag it out of it again. [/dramatic]

    seriously, dearest blog reader, i need to do something with my main channel. and i don't mean another frikken learn german video. as much as i like being some sort of "teacher" for a few minutes (yes, as silly as it is, saying the words "my name is kiwi and i'm gonna be your host for today" somehow gets me into a mood that makes it fun to film these even though i hate that series. there. i said it.) this is just not what i wanted to do with my channel. ever.

    it's ok to me if people think of me as "that german girl" but i feel like all anyone ever wants or expects from my main channel are these videos. and it's just no fun.

    (and i know - you're gonna comment now, saying something like: "it's not true!! i like your other videos too!" because you're nice and if you made your way through the web to this blog and take the time to read it and even leave a comment i'm quite sure it's not just because of those silly language videos, but i know that the majority of my "audience" [weird term in my head. people have computers and they watch videos of other people with a webcam. no big deal. "audience". haha!!] subscribed to me because of those videos, and therefor expects more of them, and probably only wants to see those videos. i can't tell you how many times i get comments on my other videos that go something like this: "i like her learn german videos, but this was crap." of course in third person. because why talk to me directly. anyway!! see my point there? 90% of the youtube messages i get are about those videos. 90% of my comments are on those videos. you. get. my. point. here.)

    and i'm aware that those videos are responsible for a lot of good things that happened to me through youtube and i'm thankful for that and like i said, i kinda enjoy making them sometimes, but it's still not the direction i ever wanted to take with my channel. i've signed up as a "director", category: "variety". and that's what i want. and that's what i need to get back to or otherwise i'm afraid i'll never post another video on my main channel again. and even though i like my other two channels as well, i've always loved my main channel, and right now i could care less about it.
    alright, i don't even have the time to make videos right now (yes, not even "daily" vlogs, even though i'm sure i'll make a vlog on my secondary channel in the near future. simple and easy and blah) and the technical issues are a factor there too, it's just so not motivating, but yeah.. you get my point here :)

    i'm gonna stop bitching and whining now and wish you a good day/night/morning/etc.


    Sunday, March 22, 2009

    micro-blogging super cloud

    oh this is pretty!
    i totally stole this idea from jasmine. i use twitter a lot more than any other website, and having a word-cloud of the most used words in nice colors and stuff is a sweet idea.(you can make your own at tweetstats. use wordle for a pretty layout!)

    Friday, March 20, 2009

    it's a list.

    it's 2009. the year has been good to me so far, things are going well and i feel like going with the flow here and i thought changing a few things about myself would be a good idea.
    and why the fuck not make a list on my blog about those things, right?

    • trust. yourself and others.
    • enjoy what's good and don't worry about what may go wrong in the future, since it doesn't go wrong right now, there's no need to worry.
    • open up more towards people you care about.
    • don't think too complicated.
    • don't procrastinate so damn much.
    • be honest. towards yourself and others.
    • don't hold grudges.
    • live for yourself.
    • love for yourself.
    and that, my dearest blog reader, is about it. a few simple points really. we'll see how that goes.

    Wednesday, March 18, 2009

    ha. LIFE.

    i haven't blogged in a while. i love how i mention that everytime i write something here now. i'm sure you love it too, dearest blog reader. btw, you're looking GOOD today. have you done something with your hair? sexy!
    anyway. back to ME.
    i must admit, the good old real life has taken over my internet interests lately. but fear not!!! i'm here now, all yours and stuff. even though busy times are ahead of me, i have to admit that i kinda sorta missed my online-life, so here i am, trying another attempt at getting back to that. we'll see how my time management will work together with that idea.

    so i think it's about time i mention that i'll move soon. munich is a pretty city, but it's not for me. at least not living here. it's always gonna be my hometown. i was born here, i lived here for the first 6 years of my life, i went back here in 2006, got my first own apartment and all that. blah blah growing up etc.

    but then i fell in love.

    i fell in love with berlin, and that's exactly where i'm gonna go pretty soon. and maybe maybe maybe there are other things that make my decision to go there feel even better and make me be even more impatient about it all, but that, my dearest blog reader, is none of your freaking business :)

    so anyway! now you know ;)

    also, let me share my recently learned life-lesson with you in form of a picture i stole from ben's blog:

    i hope you're doing fabulous, sexiest reader, and i shall talk to you soon!!


    Friday, February 20, 2009

    i fail at blogging.

    hello dearest blog reader! how are you?
    wow have i abandoned my blog or what? terrible, terrible kiwi.

    i shall go back to blogging soonish though. right now, i'm happy, i thought you should know, and that's all for today.

    see you on the internets,


    Tuesday, February 3, 2009

    A trip in pictures.

    So, I'm back from Berlin, and since I'm currently really tired, I was thinking instead of writing lots and lots of stuff about the whole trip (that everyone will forget or be too lazy to read anyway haha) I'm just gonna post some pictures here. Yes? Good idea? I KNOW ^__^

    The show!!(with muserine)

    (with German comedian Christian Ulmen as Uwe Wöllner -bitch drank half of my beer. psh.)

    (muserine and German director Detlev Buck)

    (in clockwise direction: diamondoftears, MEEEE, the really cute German YouTube partner support girl Verena, muserine, Pockhuhnfilm, mystery guy, manniacmind, AericWinter)

    (with Pockhuhnfilm, muserine and Verena)

    (with muserine. and beer. of course.)

    The city!!(the Berlin Cathedral)

    (an attempt at not freezing with ralfonzo83 in front of the Brandenburg Gate)

    (unfortunately, I forgot the name of that church. It's still pretty though! In the front: the Spree)

    (the entrance of the part of the Sony Center, where the show took place)

    (the roof of the Sony Center)

    (the Fernsehturm at night. Mmmm, foggy!)

    The photobooth whores!!(with Ralfonzo83)

    (with muserine and Ralfonzo83)

    (with Ralfonzo83)

    (in clockwise direction: Redfrettchen, manniacmind, Pockhuhnfilm, MEEEE, Ralfonzo83, muserine)

    (with Ralfonzo83)

    (with muserine)

    (with muserine, Ralfonzo83, Pockhuhnfilm)

    SO! If you made it this far, here, have a cupcake.
    I suggest you click on all those links there (geez, even if you could care less, do it for meeeee because it took forever to post them lol)

    Those five days in Berlin were most excellent, and were over way too fast. And I wanna say thank you to muserine and her boyfriend for letting me stay at their place (you two are the bestest hosts of all time, seriously) and also thank you to YouTube (I know you read my blog, YouTube) for throwing such a nice little party there. Including two open bars...(yeah, thanks, really. It's always nice to check your own Twitter profile the next day and read the rather strange things you've posted at a time where you should just NOT touch your phone or a computer at all...)

    I've never before experienced some sort of after-gathering-blues, but I do this time. I miss you, and I hope we meet again soon.