Saturday, March 29, 2008

A YouTube Dream

Me and BenRobot sit in a silver colored car. Driving down a street in a big city. Nobody's there, the sun is bright and blinding. We listen to music.

A whole bunch of YouTubers that I have contact to on a regular basis and me are being chased through smaller streets and backstreets. Not sure what we're running from, but I think it's zombies. Because zombies are the best.
We all have cameras and record our chase.
It's sunlight from above, but the streets are dark because of high buildings around them.

thewinekone is singing to me. I don't know what exactly, but it reminds me of parts from Deep & Profound.

I walk by a white board. Attached to it is a banana and a post-it underneath it that says "This banana is a prop. It may be used for video purposes only"

And that's all I can remember.
That's what a night of tubing and being on stickam does to me. Good times.

Teh PhotoGamerz

So as the wonderful Robot named Ben challenged everyone here, here are my entries for The First Whenever-We-Feel-Like Photo Shoot Remake Challenge:

The "Nerd Superhero Pose"
"In Da Hoodie" (original by ME ME ME)
"Working the eyebrows" (yeah I can't really)
"The BandAid"
From what I know, The First Whenever-We-Feel-Like Photo Shoot Remake Challenge was so far completed by Claudia and Ally.

Friday, March 28, 2008

omfg wth

Through a channel comment on my page I got kinda directed to this lovely channel here:
And now I'm wondering: what else is out there? It seems that on YouTube, I explore a new fetish everyday. I know of Balloons, Smoking, Feet, Nylon stockings, Glasses, Eating, Squishing, every other body part, Latex, and the other more known fetishes. But guys trying to expand their bellies and being proud of being able to look pregnant?
Oh me oh my.


Can't sleep. Am bored. Browse internet. More bored. Take pictures. Get distracted. Write blog. Still bored. The end.

Thursday, March 27, 2008


(promising title, hm?)
Soooo I'm back home since Tuesday, and let me just tell you: I was kinda too chicken to dye my hair black again. But I figured why not show you what I looked like back then, when black was myyyyy haircolor and I wouldn't have dreamed about going blonde:
(okok the picture is edited to the max, but you get what I mean. Plus: I like that picture. I look like snow white. weeeee)

So back to the hair. I know you're all curious about what happened. lmao Probably not, but I don't care, I'l tell you anyways.
So as I was standing there in the drugstore in front of allllll these beautiful shades of black, I was thinking: How dumb, you never achieved porn blonde, and now you're as close to it as you can probably get, so why go back to black now? First: get that damn porn blonde, and then feel free to go back to whatever color you like.
Sooo... I bought bleach. And I think I'm happy with the result. It's still not as light as I wanted, but I'm getting there. Oh yeah I'm getting there.
BenRobot made me do a little photobooth photoshoot yesterday, and since I'm a person who loves to share (lol) here are some of the pictures (okok you can't really see the new hair in those pictures, but they're funny nevertheless)

The Alien Bambi LookAn Homage To a Classic PosePippi Longstocking Watch Out!

Also, I went through my old pictures on my PC and uploaded a bunch of them to flickr, a lot of them are set to private (because of other people in those pictures, and I'm not sure they'd be too happy about being all other the frikken internet), but if you wanna take a look at the other ones feel free to go to (more pictures to follow, as soon as the monthly upload limit of 100MB lets me upload more.. i.e.: after April 1st)

Anything else?
Hm let me think.

I am still very much in love with twitter, the whole microblogging (as it's called) and chatting there is a lot of fun and I really enjoy it. Plus: the Mac makes it easy to get updates as they happen, so another point why I'm on team Apple. Shalalala!!

Final Cut is working really good, I learn something new everyday, I just have one problem I couldn't even find an answer to in online forums.. When I have a 9 minute video, there is just no way to save it in a filesize that is compatible with YouTube. The smallest one I managed to get without having a blurry blob as the screen was 250MB (even with saving the audio as Mono), and as you all know, that's still 150MB more than what YouTube accepts. Any ideas? What I'm doing with that now is save the file in a bigger size, import it to iMovie08 and then I can use the direct-to-YT-uploader. Which sucks, because I hate iMovie08, it's slow and never working as it should.. so any suggestions would be very appreciated!

For now that's it, huge ass update blog right here.
I hope everyone is doing fantastic, and I'll see you guys soon!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

the 2.0 mood & my hair

And as I am almost on my way to see my dad over Easter, I thought I'd let you know that
1. I'm in such a web 2.0 mood today, I could blog every ten minutes. Therefor I decided to join twitter. Yes, you can now stalk me 24/7. Kinda. If you're there too, follow me!
2. I will change my hair sometime this weekend. Still very unsure about HOW I'm gonna change it (although I have a bunch of ideas) but seriously now, the blonde has to go. OR I'd have to get a total porn blonde, but I'm not so sure if that's the thing for me. My point is, it's been a year since I really REALLY changed my hair color more than just one or two nuances, and before that, I used to look different every other month or so. It's time for a change, I say!
Either way, say good bye to this color:
Happy Easter everyone! See you on Tuesday :D


So I may have epically lost here, but now it's my turn to PWN, baby.
oh yeah.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

OMG HI!!!!!!

Hey long time no see, people!
Everyone's doing alright? Good good.
Yeah well... I kinda totally sucked at posting as you may have noticed...
I signed up on livevideo today, totally random, I know, and I kinda always refused to sign up on other video sharing sites (although that one time.. I got emails like crazy from this guy from metacafe who toootally wanted me to sign up and promote my videos there and whatnot, but I didn't.. it was just... too spammy sounding)
Point being: people are leaving YouTube like crazy. I'm not one of them, and I don't wanna leave, but I thought it wouldn't be too bad to have some sort of backup on livevideo too. Also... I'm a sucker for saving my name on websites. The end.

Aaaaand how are you guys doing? Anything new in your world?
Wanna make a video now. Like.. now. Not sure about what. Maybe the muse will find me.

Oh also: I have Sony Vegas 5.0 now. Thanks to.. you know who you are <3
But since it works on m lame ass PC and not on the Mac.. I kinda.. ordered Final Cut Express a few days ago *blush* and it should be here soon. OMG I am drooooooling just thinking about it.

Okok gotta go. See you around!!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

The Visitor From Outta Space

...or San Francisco.
Today I had the pleasure to meet the great musosf aka. Mike in Munich!
And even if he may say something else.. I know that actually, he was only here because he wanted to visit me. That's right. Ha!!
Of course we got some footage (for two videos), which you'll see sometime soon on mine and his channel, and here's a little preview-picture...
Yes, we shot that in public. And the old guy sitting two benches down from us was probably having the time of his life, watching us.

Sunday, March 2, 2008


So I haven't been updating this blog thing that much in the past few days. My bad.
Yesterday was my roommate's birthday, and we celebrated at the appartment of one of her friends from school... who has the most adorable puppy ever!!!
Meet Johnny, the 4 months old Cairn Terrier puppy, who definitely just looks like he should be mine.
(and omg do I want a puppy.....)