Thursday, March 27, 2008


(promising title, hm?)
Soooo I'm back home since Tuesday, and let me just tell you: I was kinda too chicken to dye my hair black again. But I figured why not show you what I looked like back then, when black was myyyyy haircolor and I wouldn't have dreamed about going blonde:
(okok the picture is edited to the max, but you get what I mean. Plus: I like that picture. I look like snow white. weeeee)

So back to the hair. I know you're all curious about what happened. lmao Probably not, but I don't care, I'l tell you anyways.
So as I was standing there in the drugstore in front of allllll these beautiful shades of black, I was thinking: How dumb, you never achieved porn blonde, and now you're as close to it as you can probably get, so why go back to black now? First: get that damn porn blonde, and then feel free to go back to whatever color you like.
Sooo... I bought bleach. And I think I'm happy with the result. It's still not as light as I wanted, but I'm getting there. Oh yeah I'm getting there.
BenRobot made me do a little photobooth photoshoot yesterday, and since I'm a person who loves to share (lol) here are some of the pictures (okok you can't really see the new hair in those pictures, but they're funny nevertheless)

The Alien Bambi LookAn Homage To a Classic PosePippi Longstocking Watch Out!

Also, I went through my old pictures on my PC and uploaded a bunch of them to flickr, a lot of them are set to private (because of other people in those pictures, and I'm not sure they'd be too happy about being all other the frikken internet), but if you wanna take a look at the other ones feel free to go to (more pictures to follow, as soon as the monthly upload limit of 100MB lets me upload more.. i.e.: after April 1st)

Anything else?
Hm let me think.

I am still very much in love with twitter, the whole microblogging (as it's called) and chatting there is a lot of fun and I really enjoy it. Plus: the Mac makes it easy to get updates as they happen, so another point why I'm on team Apple. Shalalala!!

Final Cut is working really good, I learn something new everyday, I just have one problem I couldn't even find an answer to in online forums.. When I have a 9 minute video, there is just no way to save it in a filesize that is compatible with YouTube. The smallest one I managed to get without having a blurry blob as the screen was 250MB (even with saving the audio as Mono), and as you all know, that's still 150MB more than what YouTube accepts. Any ideas? What I'm doing with that now is save the file in a bigger size, import it to iMovie08 and then I can use the direct-to-YT-uploader. Which sucks, because I hate iMovie08, it's slow and never working as it should.. so any suggestions would be very appreciated!

For now that's it, huge ass update blog right here.
I hope everyone is doing fantastic, and I'll see you guys soon!


  1. "Classic Pose" is my fav, just in case you want to know...

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  3. Photobooth photoshoots are the best! I love doing them. :) I love your hair black in that picture. You do look like snow white! I like the blonde too though. & I've also recently become obsessed with twitter. haha.

  4. Nice Photos!

    You can use the multi-video upload (right side of the regular upload page) to upload files up to 1G

    You should be able to get it under 100mb with divx or mp4 though...

  5. Great fotoz kiwi! Looks like you had a good time with that, wheeee. Isn't playing with levels and all that stuff funnnnn?

    I'm assuming rainbow hair is out of the question? Or has it already been done before? Good luck with the YT upload thing, I wouldn't know because I am still with teh WMM. take care