Saturday, July 18, 2009

a little late night blogging and bitching.

(well, late night for me at least. 1:49am here.)

geez the heat.. the heat drives me insane-o. it's cooling down a bit right now since it's been raining a lot today but i think tomorrow will just be as hot as the last few days.
not. interesting.
the kitty is crying for my attention and i'm sleepy so let's make this a quick one.

i'm so terribly annoyed by anything youtube-y right now. nothing's working properly, the new channel layouts hurt my eyes and are also buggy as hell and hooray! they tend to crash my poor little firefox every now and then. such fun.
i dunno. i always think: the hardest part about making a video shouldn't be uploading and waiting for it to be live, but right now it is.
when i watch videos, it takes forfuckingever so i can watch them without having to pause every now and then and let it load, and it's just all so... ugh.
i dunno.
just UGH.
i've had big plans for new videos and (i think) pretty neat ideas, but it's all so... UGH right now.
i'm sorry. we'll get back to that soon i hope. seriously.
i don't like when i feel like youtube hates me.

enough bitching for now, i needs some sleepies.

hope you're good!


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

just some things.

like the new design? i'm so indecisive about it, i think i've changed it like 5 times in the past 12 hours or so (who says i have no life? fuck you! ^^) and i think it's just about getting used to something new (duh) but oh my, the old design had to go, it was so early 2008, y'know.
i've also added some sort of guestbook. well, as you can see the previous post here is the official guestbook now. and it's linked in the sidebar, so once it's off the first page here, it'll make more sense, i guess ;)
and how sneaky am i! guestbook for free and not with some lame lycos-website-from-1998-design on some random other website, but here! yay!
how are you?
today, i am considering getting an iPhone. yah yah i know.
well, i have been considering getting one for a while now, have been checking the different rate options and so on. and now that my old cell phone contract is slowly running out, i think it might be time to check all that once again and make a decision.
(as you may be able to tell, i'm usually horrible with decisions. but hey, every once in a while even i am able to make one.)
sooooo that's my plan for the day. tomorrow, i'll take the cat to the vet, she needs a follow-up vaccination and OH how exciting, first time ever visit to the vet! at least for me, with her. she's been there before. anyway.
what other nonsense could i tell you about?
i'm going to see my dad again this weekend, hooray for a 8.5 hours train ride. one way. it's his birthday on the 11th, and we'll have a whole bunch of family members visiting and omg omg omg i have no idea what to get him. seriously. i never know. christmas, birthday, father's day.. it's all the same, i never know and probably end up getting him another cookbook.
(cookbook is a funny word btw. it amuses me. i'm apparently easy to amuse. oh well. i'm a simple mind.)

having said all that, i'm totally out of anything i could tell you right now. just know i'm good, and i hope so are you.


le guestbook!

have something to tell me? feel free to do so!


PS: "anonymous" comments are BOO! ;)

Saturday, July 4, 2009

adventure saturday in pictures, go!

we just wanted to enjoy the post-rain air outside and get some ice cream, and then we ended up hiking through the wilderness of berlin ;) enjoy!

i'm sure i was thinking about profound things there...

adventurous blondes! as if you didn't know her already, i present you my lovely co-explorer muserine!

a bridge over quite untroubled water.

one thing i noticed today: must be weird to go out with youtubers/twitterererers/bloggers. they always have a camera ready somewhere and tend to document everything (see the phone in my hand? rrrright.)

hiding. possibly from nazgul.

playground fun, myspace-edition.

playground fun, "let's have fun with the only phallic object there"-edition, part 1.

playground fun, "let's have fun with the only phallic object there"-edition. part 2.

dirty chucks. favorite chucks.

omgggg a youtuber in front of water! and a bridge! and green nature things!

i look somehow disappointed at the water. hmm. i really wasn't, i swear! it was awesome water! totally waterlike and stuff!

fellowship of the ring re-enactment. i swear this place was asking for an appearance by nazgul!
while posing and taking photos there, we witnessed a stolen-bike-chase. victim was a little boy. villain was a little boy too. how's that for a different experience on a relaxed saturday afternoon?

taking a photo of someone who takes a photo = ha ha. how fun am i. woot! it's a nice picture though :)

the size of this swing still irritates me.

also, look at the ground underneath that swing! it looked so weird and misplaced there. and i wouldn't have been surprised if the ground had opened and a monster had appeared.
(you may already know this, but that didn't happen. whew!)

then again.. something MUST have nibbled a bit on that monster swing.. well, i guess monsters just wanna have fun, too. *shrugs*

super romantic posing in front of even more water. and a sunset. love that photo!

and me! while taking a photo of muserine taking a photo of me. wow. are you amazed now?
i am! :)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

kitty 2.0

it's really no wonder i don't get anything done here anymore...(this photo is SO meant to be made into a lolcat. SOMEONE DO IT ALREADY!!!)
this is patch. in case you haven't heard yet (as if that's even possible) she's the newest addition to our household and omg, cutest little thing ever. also, already insanely superstarish on the interwebs.