Saturday, July 26, 2008


PhotoBooth is heaven.

This extravaganza was brought to you by Kiki, Kiwi and Ally. Oh, and Stitch of course.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Other stuff.

So of course the day that I finally finally finally manage to make a new video (don't get too excited, it's super dumb, but it was fun to make) YT decides to go on a shitty maintenance break without any warning or whatever (I don't even wanna know what they gonna change now.. Hey, comments work, maybe that's gonna be all fucked up tomorrow?)
YT not working = we have to find something else to do. And what originated in a little Skype gang bang, can be admired here:(Please notice the weird language mixup from twitter, "weniger als" and "Minuten", and then "ago from.." So stupid!! Loves it.)
Also, I am deeply, deeply in love with the new Slipknot song. It's awesome and sexy and powerful and perfect and fabulous and reminds me of the one time I was lucky enough to see them live as a pre-band for Metallica. That was one excellent day, my friends!!
Normally I'd embed a YT video, but bitch is down, so here we go:

Saturday, July 19, 2008


I'm pretty sure everyone and their brother is by now totally bored by all my mixtapes, but guess what: I'm not!!!
So here I made another one, a journey through my music taste, age 15-17. Should surprise one or two people. Have fun telling me how weirded out you all are, I so don't care!! I still love all this, and it made me have a whole bunch of awesome flashbacks while creating this mixtape. So enjoy or not, this is basically for me, but I'd be happy to take you with me on a little ride back to my teenage years! (lmao this sounds like I was 80)
Sneaking into clubs, dancing on speakerboxes, getting completely wasted, making out with strangers. Oh those were the days my friends!


loveCULT represent!!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Ah, the struggle!

I feel like a broken record now, but once again I'm experiencing major vloggers' blockage, to quote the wonderful k80blog one more time.
In my last video I basically said nothing, even though I kind of managed to at least make something (I hope) mildly entertaining out of it. And I wanted my next video to be awesome and entertaining and with actual content and whatnot. Not a simple vlog, a real video. You know what I mean?
And then I had this feature, and everything went crazy, and I kind of wanna make a video even more, but nothing happens. I made a video for my German channel today, and thought that may give me enough inspiration to get back into the whole video mood for my main channel, but geez, it hasn't happened yet. I just feel uninspired, and it's oh so frustrating. It's not like I don't want to make a video. I made one a few days ago for my secondary channel, and like I already mentioned another one today for kiwipedia, but for my main channel? Hmpf, nope, nothing. I wish there was some sort of creativity/inspiration formula. That would make things a lot easier!
If anyone wants to share some secrets concerning that, please feel free to do so.
In the meantime, listen to Billion's fabulous song "Runaway Trane" and go here to get the 4 track EP on iTunes (spend not even 4 $ on awesome music, it's well worth it, trust me!)

Monday, July 14, 2008

For your listening pleasure

Since I should be cleaning and tidying up and all that crap, I thought why not procrastinate a little more and make a mixtape for you and me?
I know. Awesome idea.
Now turn your volume up and dance with me!!!!


Tuesday, July 8, 2008


This made me lol a lot today. Oh that Trevor.
What a funny little man he is. Always good for the so-called lulz, isn't he?

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Bugs bugs bugs

Everyone who has been on YouTube for more than 2 days knows that one of specialties of the website are countless bugs that used to mess with the PM inbox, video comments, and basically everything else that happens on the site.
Since the changing of the layout and the launch of the new video player (that I still find utterly fugly) there are even new ones to brighten up our days!!
Apparently my latest video didn't pop up in a whole bunch of subscription boxes, and I wonder how many videos I have missed during the past week or so.
And now this:Even though this is my current thumbnail for the video, when I go to "Edit Video info" or simply the "View all comments" section, those are the three possible thumbnails that come up:I don't get it!!!!!!!

But besides all that confusion, I'm happy how the video turned out. I was soooo frustrated yesterday when I really really really wanted to make a video and it just didn't happen, and then after I had already given up and went back to the usual chatting and listening to music and random browsing of teh netz, I had the idea for this video and even though filming it was pretty much a bitch (iSight is just not made for a lot of different angles) I'm pretty happy about the result. And because I like embedding my own stuff, here it is.

Oh, I also dyed my hair again. Going back to blonde. The red couldn't really keep me entertained. Just as a sidenote.