Sunday, July 6, 2008

Bugs bugs bugs

Everyone who has been on YouTube for more than 2 days knows that one of specialties of the website are countless bugs that used to mess with the PM inbox, video comments, and basically everything else that happens on the site.
Since the changing of the layout and the launch of the new video player (that I still find utterly fugly) there are even new ones to brighten up our days!!
Apparently my latest video didn't pop up in a whole bunch of subscription boxes, and I wonder how many videos I have missed during the past week or so.
And now this:Even though this is my current thumbnail for the video, when I go to "Edit Video info" or simply the "View all comments" section, those are the three possible thumbnails that come up:I don't get it!!!!!!!

But besides all that confusion, I'm happy how the video turned out. I was soooo frustrated yesterday when I really really really wanted to make a video and it just didn't happen, and then after I had already given up and went back to the usual chatting and listening to music and random browsing of teh netz, I had the idea for this video and even though filming it was pretty much a bitch (iSight is just not made for a lot of different angles) I'm pretty happy about the result. And because I like embedding my own stuff, here it is.

Oh, I also dyed my hair again. Going back to blonde. The red couldn't really keep me entertained. Just as a sidenote.


  1. It's also weird how the embedded video shows the original icon, but looking in the sidebar here under "My Videos", we see the other icon..

    youtube is so silly sometimes..!!

  2. Those aren't bugs, those are features!
    Okay, maybe not...