Friday, July 18, 2008

Ah, the struggle!

I feel like a broken record now, but once again I'm experiencing major vloggers' blockage, to quote the wonderful k80blog one more time.
In my last video I basically said nothing, even though I kind of managed to at least make something (I hope) mildly entertaining out of it. And I wanted my next video to be awesome and entertaining and with actual content and whatnot. Not a simple vlog, a real video. You know what I mean?
And then I had this feature, and everything went crazy, and I kind of wanna make a video even more, but nothing happens. I made a video for my German channel today, and thought that may give me enough inspiration to get back into the whole video mood for my main channel, but geez, it hasn't happened yet. I just feel uninspired, and it's oh so frustrating. It's not like I don't want to make a video. I made one a few days ago for my secondary channel, and like I already mentioned another one today for kiwipedia, but for my main channel? Hmpf, nope, nothing. I wish there was some sort of creativity/inspiration formula. That would make things a lot easier!
If anyone wants to share some secrets concerning that, please feel free to do so.
In the meantime, listen to Billion's fabulous song "Runaway Trane" and go here to get the 4 track EP on iTunes (spend not even 4 $ on awesome music, it's well worth it, trust me!)


  1. Aren't you being inspired by your muse? No? Wait, I know the problem. Muses need to be naked to be fully effective. Ya. It would help if you were naked too. ..and making out. oh shit, this is going straight into the gutter - abort comment!!!! too late >:)

  2. do you take down notes for video ideas and such? because that's what i do. not like i could put it to use yet, i'm still VERY new to making videos and my first two ones just suck ass, but oh well, can only get better... (need to work on lighting and clear sound *coughs*)

    anyway, einfach ideen aufschreiben oder freunde/bekannte nach ideen/anregungen fragen, hab ich auch gemacht ^^

    (btw, ich liebe deine videos und bin echt schockiert über einige bis viele parallelen zu...mir O.o)