Thursday, May 29, 2008

Guess what

I can't sleep. Fabulous. Then again, I've spent yesterday basically in bed, trying to get rid of a migrane. Nice!

And I think it's a common phenomenon that if you can't sleep, you have freaky ideas. My freaky idea for today: open a new channel to vlog in German.
Yes, I know, exactly what I never wanted to do. But over the last months, I've seen the German (or German speaking) vlogger community grow, and I kinda wanna get more involved with that. I still don't think I'll feel too comfortable in front of the camera, talking German, but why not? Exactly.
So yeah. My plan. Now you know.
Nice username, eh? I know :D

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Oh yeah baby

Ah, fun with magnesium.

Stickam is the devil. And I love it.

This post will probably be kinda pointless for everyone who was not there, but meh, my blog, my posts, and I wanted to capture the moment, although.. that was like a little more than a day ago.
Yes I know I suck, should have posted this earlier, but some Billi didn't send me the other screenshots. Boo!

The lovely MaddoxHardcore made us all draw each other in a little game. Here are some of the results:

Miss Hardcore

Miss Kiwi


Mr Robot


Then we did some random poses and such.

This is "The Screwface", as inspired by Dizzee Rascal

Some magibon action anyone?

The Fist


for too sexy

One emo, one stache.
emo stache

That was fun. Let's do it again sometime.

Friday, May 23, 2008


I've learned so much today.

  1. I should never ever take two weeks between videos. Never. Ever. It's so difficult to get back in the mood.
  2. According to a comment, I look like a big penis. Which is probably the funniest "hate" comment I received so far. Way to go IJustMadeYourDay!
  3. I can spend hours trying to de-anagram letters.
  4. Writing a resume isn't all that difficult. Writing a letter in German is. I actually needed a dictionary to translate some words from English to German. 13 months on YT and I'm not exactly fluent in my native language anymore. Awesome...
  5. Doctor Kawashima likes to make fun of me.
  6. I get excited about a virtual star point. And I don't even know what it's supposed to mean.
  7. Apparently, I have a cousin named Randy in California. Apparently, we used to be really close when we were younger. Apparently, we are still so alike. Problem is, I've never seen the guy before in my life.
  8. I can stop playing a stupid online game after less than one hour.
  9. I wish my aunt didn't know my email address. E-Cards are a nice gesture, but not one a day.
  10. People in my own age group don't watch my videos as much as people older or younger than me.

And all that in one day.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Ah Fresh Air

So today I met up with my dad, his ex-wife, my half sister and her boyfriend. Oh families ; )
We had lunch at some super small beergarden type restaurant somewhere in the middle of "oh damn where the hell are we now??", then we walked around the area there for like one hour or so.
I took some random pictures. Blah blah blah here they are:

I couldn't find a cow, so instead you'll get me with flowers. Moo.

Ah walking for no apparent reason. So dumb. So nice.

A dead tree. Looked so surreal. Looked so pretty.
Small lakes! And they looked all glittery in the sunlight.
That's my sister Bina. We stole flowers from Mother Nature.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I blog.

Blog blog.
Ok no. But:
Shit, I haven't updated in 3 years.
Hi! How are you?
Me? Oh I'm fine. Currently I'm trying to upload a video with the multi file uploader. And I'm impressed, there's a percentage thingie. How nice. Then again, the 150MB file I'm uploading.. I started the upload like almost 2 hours ago. *yawns* (and right now I'm at 73%)

Besides that: Hi.
I have absolutely no idea what to write here.

Well maybe I could tell you about my newest addiction, aka. newest precious item.
My DS. Oh yes, sweet mother, I gots me a DS.
And Pokémon Diamond. And that brain thingie. What's its name. Forgot it. Go brain, go.
But it's like so üüüüüberkewl and pretty and whatnot!!
And pretty much the reason why I'm not sooo YT active lately. Yes. Here's a picture. And another one.
Drool with me.