Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I blog.

Blog blog.
Ok no. But:
Shit, I haven't updated in 3 years.
Hi! How are you?
Me? Oh I'm fine. Currently I'm trying to upload a video with the multi file uploader. And I'm impressed, there's a percentage thingie. How nice. Then again, the 150MB file I'm uploading.. I started the upload like almost 2 hours ago. *yawns* (and right now I'm at 73%)

Besides that: Hi.
I have absolutely no idea what to write here.

Well maybe I could tell you about my newest addiction, aka. newest precious item.
My DS. Oh yes, sweet mother, I gots me a DS.
And Pokémon Diamond. And that brain thingie. What's its name. Forgot it. Go brain, go.
But it's like so üüüüüberkewl and pretty and whatnot!!
And pretty much the reason why I'm not sooo YT active lately. Yes. Here's a picture. And another one.
Drool with me.


  1. drool.. cry.. drool.. sneeze.. drool..

  2. This thing is really neat. I will get iNet access for mine asap so that I can play Mario Kart online! :-D

    Yoshi's Island and Pokemon are the next games on my list. But the games are really somewhat expensive. That is the only drawback with it...

  3. Tres sexy, Kiwi, that is a cornucopia of drool occuring just looking at that baby.

    As Borat would say, very nice how much.

  4. Weeeee it's pink! :) Got myself the white one and that ugly silver original brick. Gogo get Phoenix Wright, it's hilarious.
    PS: Dr. Kawashima hates me... :(

  5. Btw, one detail that I love the most about the DS, is that you can just close it to pause and open it to return to the game. It somehow feels so cool to join the happy funny gameworld with just opening it up, and return into the hard rl with closing it again. *me opens and closes the DS 100 times :)*

  6. Woah.
    Why am I not your youtube friend?

    *sad puppy face*

    I tried to comment *sniff* on your channel *sniff* but I wasn't your friend *sniff* and so then I clicked *sniff* add friend and I was your friend before *sniff*
    I like your DS. It's *sniff* pretty...*sniff*

    *cries and runs away*

    note: all sniffs were me sniffing coke

  7. ooh oh oh I can't believe you have a blog..well yes I can..

    oh sweeet