Friday, May 23, 2008


I've learned so much today.

  1. I should never ever take two weeks between videos. Never. Ever. It's so difficult to get back in the mood.
  2. According to a comment, I look like a big penis. Which is probably the funniest "hate" comment I received so far. Way to go IJustMadeYourDay!
  3. I can spend hours trying to de-anagram letters.
  4. Writing a resume isn't all that difficult. Writing a letter in German is. I actually needed a dictionary to translate some words from English to German. 13 months on YT and I'm not exactly fluent in my native language anymore. Awesome...
  5. Doctor Kawashima likes to make fun of me.
  6. I get excited about a virtual star point. And I don't even know what it's supposed to mean.
  7. Apparently, I have a cousin named Randy in California. Apparently, we used to be really close when we were younger. Apparently, we are still so alike. Problem is, I've never seen the guy before in my life.
  8. I can stop playing a stupid online game after less than one hour.
  9. I wish my aunt didn't know my email address. E-Cards are a nice gesture, but not one a day.
  10. People in my own age group don't watch my videos as much as people older or younger than me.

And all that in one day.


  1. i wish that there was a way to tell how many kittens could fit in our body.

  2. I wanna tell you to grow a stache... just because... you know.. it'll match your penis..ness

  3. omg you forgot german! youtube had a great effect in my life too but not at the point on forgetting my native language,... i guess i shall stop YT-ing

    good to c in another video, btw that was the most funny comment i've ever hear of,


  4. Definitely hard to get into the swing of things, but maybe that's not such a bad idea. Yay resume!

  5. Learning how to stop playing stupid online games probably quite literally a very important skill. Did you remember to add it to the resume?

  6. um, ya. that didn't really make sense. I should go to sleep.