Thursday, February 4, 2010

a lot of words. and such.

h*ly fucking shit, you guys!!! i just thought: hey, i could blog again, and then checked my last entry and it's from SEPTEMBER??????? omg srsly O_ô i don't even know.. WOW.

anyways! let's just not talk about the fact that i'm a big loser and completely abandoned this blog (wait.. did i just call myself a loser for NOT doing something at my computer? haha! i'm a loser²!!!) and forget it ever happened, mmmkay?

so! may i just start here with a little explanation of WHY i haven't been that active lately when it comes to internetty things.
first of all, nothing. was. working. properly. srsly, dailybooth didn't send me any notification emails until a few days ago (because i'm teh haxx0rz and super pwned that website, so i got them all back now. yay yay!), twitter was laaaaggy and fail whaling more than usual, and youtube?! well, let's just say: if there is just one video i can watch without letting it loadloadload until the end.. that's a miracle. the last two vids i uploaded (in.. omg.. december. yikes!!!) took two and three attempts to even get them online. "BOO!", i say! i mean come onnnn, the hardest part about making teh vidios shouldn't be uploading them etc.
i feel a lot more "online" lately, so i'm sure i'll get back into the swing of things (now that db is my friend again and twitter stopped being a douche and youtube.. well, we'll see about that).

also, i know that in this video i mentioned that i was not making videos because of WoW (which has turned out to be the most lovely game ever invented) but that's not really true. but since things haven't been working anywhere really, my online priorities have just slightly changed to spending more time with WoW, where i used to spend my time with youtube. does that make sense? well maybe it's a bit of a language complication here, but hopefully you'll get what i mean.

so there.

if you want, i might blog about WoW soonish too. and other things as well. because let's face it: blogging is delicious and i should do it more often.

i hope you're all well and stuff!


ps: say hi if you've been here! i miss me my comments ^^