Friday, August 14, 2009

i know it's been a while..

.. but i'm glad you came. (britney spears)

hey you lovely people, how's life?
i wanna tell you a little story today.

when i was 13, i was on vacation for two weeks without my parents. and the first time i called them was halfway through said vacation. (please consider that back then, eleven years ago, it was NOT normal to have a cell phone when you're 13 years old. just sayin'.)
they were incredibly pissed off at me for not calling them earlier to tell them i was fine and having fun because they were worried about me, but my mom said she was already assuming i was doing great because a friend had told her that "they never call if they're good and having a fantastic time. only if things aren't going too well, they let you know."
and that friend was right.

it's the same thing with this blog, really.
i've been having such a good time lately, meeting people, going places, experincing new things, spending time with my kitteh and the people i love, that there just hasn't been time really to write blog posts.
well, maybe time, but no motivation to do so.
so here i am, just to tell you that i definitely haven't abandoned this blog or any other online activities (even though i haven't been actively online as much lately) but i'm just enjoying life as it is right now and am happy and all that jazz ;)

LOVE to you all and thank you for sticking around with me :)