Friday, June 18, 2010


...i haven't forgotten about this place :)
and i really don't want every single post from now on to start with something like "omg i'm still here" / "wow i haven't posted in a long time" / "sorry for abandoning..blahblahblah"


in case there are still 2-3 ppl reading this, hi you! i love you mucho!
also, i'm gonna go watch the germany vs. whoever football game in a bit.. yay football! i know nothing about you! i could care less about you! but when there's a world cup going on, i might as well join in on all the fun.
also, until a couple of minutes ago, i was certain that today was saturday -.-
man, that confused me so much.
butterz is nibbling on my thumb which makes typing a lot more difficult.. so i'll just stop here, wave *waves* and say byyyyyyyyyyye