Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Triple Halloween Special

Happy Halloween everyone!!!

The Halloween collaboration:

Additional Outtakes:

A special response... with a twist:

Monday, October 29, 2007


Yes, I said it.
This Halloween, even the Germans celebrate. Or at least... me. On video.

I'll be in a superduper scary spooky creepy AWESOME video collaboration, made by fallofautumndistro!

Here's a little teaser of what's coming up:

Watch out for the video tomorrow, October 30th!! Plus a little surprise on my channel as well : )

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Oh really?

Between studying, freezing and watching AWESOME response videos to my contest, me and Ben are currently in the "making" of a shop... I mean... "in the making" sounds pretty weird, but let's say it that way:
There are things that need to be done first before there actually might be the chance of opening a shop.
What kinda shop you ask? Uhm. Mechandise stuff. Clothes. Stuff! However you wanna call it, I think it would be fun.
But like I said, it's all still very under construction, more details should come soon though : )

Back to Chinese now. See ya!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Cold. And contest.

Wow! It's seriously winter now. On friday it started to snow in Munich, just when I was about to leave to go see my dad over the weekend. And at his place it didn't stop snowing until sunday. The picture below is from saturday, and I totally forgot to take a picture on sunday, but you can probably guess how white everything was by then. We have an average temperature of 0°C-3°C max., and I am freezing my butt off!! I mean, I'm a huuuuuge fan of winter and snow, but seriously now, it's a little bit early for that, don't you think? Also, I need a new winter coat because my old one is too large now... and I don't have money to buy one. Damnit. So I guess it's gonna be freezing me for the next couple of weeks.

At least I got a hat now that can keep me warm ; )
Besides that: college is great, I'm absolutely in LOVE with Chinese, and my teacher is the cutest little old guy ever!! I studied a friggin lot over the weekend, and I still like it. Now that's something, eh?
Funny thing: I was talking to one of the girls in my class today (we already kinda became friends.. after not even a week or so. Wow I totally rule at being social, don't I?) and we talked about where exactly we live in Munich. And guess what? We're kinda neighbors. Munich is such a village LOL

Okok, now a little YT update:
The contest video is out! Deadline to participate will be next friday, October 26th. Everything you need to know (rules etc.) is explained in the video, so watch it, participate, have fun!

In other news: I just noticed today (or my yesterday) - October 22nd - is my some sort of one year anniversary. Well not really, I just signed up that day and I can't even remember why, since I didn't start watching videos on a regular basis with subscribing and whatnot until March, and then posted the first real YT video on March 30th... But anyways. One year. Hm!

Hope y'all had a great weekend!
Ttyl, Kiwi

Friday, October 19, 2007

Contest coming up!!

Wowza, that's right: on next Monday, 10/22, I will start a small contest on YouTube. There will be an actual prize you can win, and I'm not gonna give away that much information yet, but all you have to do to participate will be a video response.

For now, that's all I'm gonna tell you. Isn't that exciting? I know, right?
I'll be going home to my dad's in a few hours and be back sometime on Sunday. So enough to figure out the exact rules of the contest and blah.
Yes, I am a very organized person, as you can probably tell. LOL

Have a great weekend everyone, I'll see you guys on Sunday!


Thursday, October 18, 2007

All new and shtuff.

College started on tuesday, so if you notice a lack of new videos... bear with me here, I have all new classes and right now I'm still organizing the whole thing to get a regular schedule and whatnot.
So until I'm all settled in the new "real life" situation, I'll be watching and hopefully making another video soon.
From what I can tell you about college right now:
It's going pretty good. More in a vlog... maybe tonight. We'll see : )

Sunday, October 14, 2007

I don't get them.

Knock-knock jokes. Who in the world could possibly invent something that un-funny as knock-knock jokes and call them jokes?
Not funny. No no.
The new episode of "Talking to myself" was inspired by a little chat I had with Ben, where I asked him if he could explain to me what's so funny about knock-knock jokes.
(He couldn't answer that btw^^)

So, here's "Joke Barrier":

Episode 2 (A boring day) is here:

(I'm not gonna post Episode 1 here, because I just think it's stupid. And boring. And not that well edited.)

Anyways! Hope you like it ; )

Have a great weekend, Kiwi

PS: College starts on monday O_o

Thursday, October 11, 2007


I just noticed... in my part of the world it's already the 11th, so my birthday's coming up in exactly three months!! Woohooo!!

Haha and to share that awesome fact with y'all, here's a random picture of me when I was 17 : )I know, I know, awful picture.. but hey, I got pink hair AND a crown. Pretty hard to top that!

: )

So!! (I just notice, I kinda start every new entry with a "So"..)
I wrote my English test on monday. My first multiple choice test ever, and it was a long long test, pretty difficult at times, and from what I've seen around me, not everyone even finished it on time.

The test was separated into three parts:
1. Listening comprehension
2. Grammar/structure
3. Text comprehension/Vocabulary

Listening comprehension was the easiest part, except for the last couple of questions, where you had to listen to a whole conversation and then answer about five or six questions about it (and I'm not so good at concentrating for a longer time like that). But I guess it went well^^

When I was still in school I always hated grammar and structure (and I still do). Basically because I have no idea about it, I just use it the way it "feels right". So far, that also went pretty well (in school and apparently, also in this particular test).

Text comprehension never really was a problem for me. But in this test we had to read six short texts and then answer five to eight questions about those texts. Not that difficult, but we only had 45 minutes to do that, so unlike in school, where it was absolutely ok to go back and read the text again and again, it was basically impossible to read one of the texts twice. So when the teacher said: "You got one minute left!", I was happy about filling out my last answer thingie^^

This evening I went to my university again to go and check for my results.
If you'd get at least 80% you pass and get your papers for it, and can also attend the basic course in American Studies.
From 72% up to 79%, you'd have to take a special language class, write another test in that at the end of the semester to get the papers for it.
And under 71%... well, let's say: Bummer.

So I went there, not expecting much. After all, I didn't study at all for the test (and from what I've heard on the day of the test, most people did study a frikkin lot), so I was even more surprised to see I passed and got my papers!
I don't have the exact results yet (I can get them on October 29th), but hey, I passed with at least 80%, and I couldn't be happier : )

Now I'll just hope I'll be able to go to college longer than only this one semester now...
But like I mentioned in another blog entry a couple of days ago... that's another looong story.

Here's my Happy Dance for today : )

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


On sunday me and my friend Tessa went to the zoo here in Munich.

Best idea ever, because sunday also happened to be the last day of Oktoberfest, so the zoo wasn't as crowded as it usually is.

I didn't take Cammy with me, and I didn't take any pictures either (my digital camera is still broken.. and yes, I'm too poor to buy a new one lol), but Tessa had her digital camera there to take some pictures of.. well, animals of course, and us, immitating the animals. Because I have awesome ideas like that : )

She also got some video footage of some of the animals, and if they ever make it to my hard drive, maybe I'll post them sometime sooner or later^^

Friday, October 5, 2007

My hero : )

So yesterday I wrote a bulletin and also a short note on my channel about looking for people who wanna be a part of one of my next videos by making some sort of intro (if you're interested and have any questions, contact me via YT or gmail!).
And my awesome friend Mike aka musosf made the funniest and sweetest thing ever for me!
That's why here's one of my favorite videos of him, and a little "Go check out his channel and subscribe"!
He totally made my day!

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Uhm yeah, wow!

Oktoberfest, Oktoberfest... What can I say?
What a night!! I went there at around 6.30pm (and sadly it got dark pretty soon after I arrived, but nonetheless I filmed a LOT!!) and had an hour to go around by myself, film and take a look at all the beer tents (they were all closed because too many people were there).
Then my cousin and his colleagues arrived, we met up and tried to find a way into at least one of the beergardens (every beer tent has a beergarden outside). Fortunately it rained a little so a few people were leaving and we finally got a table to order some beer (you're not allowed to order if you don't have a table).
And that was the moment I stopped filming^^ - well not really. But for the next hours I didn't film anything, but when we were leaving (we had to, they were closing) I took out the camera again and filmed a little, but I have refused to look at the footage until now, and I bet it's shaky, blurry and not that good camera work (I wonder why... lol).
After we left we went to another bar, had some more beer (my head is still aching, btw - and yes, I know it's been two days already) and then went to my place (at that time our little group had shrunken from 6 to 3 people) to have - yes, another beer.
And after the collaegue of my cousin left, we finally went to bed.. Not really. He went to bed, I turned on my computer [Duuh!!] to record me prattle a little about nothing. While trying to edit that video together, I gave up, almost passed out on my keyboard and finally decided to end the night for me as well.
So I got to bed at around 7 in the morning, had about 5 hours of sleep, woke up with the biggest headache ever, facing a painful day of hangover that my cousin and I spent in front of the TV, watching amazingly interesting shows like MTV Masters, a part of Happy Gilmore, and whatelse I can't remember.
And tomorrow a friend of mine comes to visit and she wants to go to the Oktoberfest again.
Oh gawd. I'll be dead.
Oooooh and the best thing is:
On monday I have to write a test in English that I have to pass with 80% to be allowed to get into my classes for American Studies. Ugh!! Great.

Anyways, I don't think my "college carreer" will last much longer... But that's another [loooong] story.

For now let me just say:
We had a blast! We met so many interesting and funny people (like the four girls from Australia we shared our table with), sang a lot of drinking songs (Duuh!) and basically just had the best time you can possibly have. It was worth all the suffering, I guess^^

And that's why I only drink 4 or 5 times a year. Oh well.

I hope to get the video together sometime this week.

Ttyl, Kiwi

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Oktoberfest Update

So! I'm almost on my way to the Oktoberfest (again^^) to film there a bit and later meet up with my cousin Marc who just recently discovered my YT activities by accident O_o I still don't really know what to think about that, but oh well, what can I do : )

The weather is not as good as I hoped, actually it's pretty cold outside, or at least too cold to wear my beloved Dirndl, but here you got a little Myspace-ish angle picture of me and my Dirndl:
So that's that, now I gotta clean up a little and get ready to film a bit for you guys. Hope it turns out good, with the lighting and all, the sun is not my friend today, but I cross my fingers!!

It should be extremely crowded there today because tomorrow is German Unity Day and so probably EVERYONE will try to go to Oktoberfest this evening... *sighs* Oh well.
At least you'll get a good picture of what it looks like there when really everyone is having a good Oktoberfest time^^

Oh and a little thing for your interest:
In Bavaria, and especially in Munich, nobody says "Oktoberfest" but "d'Wiesn", because the Oktoberfest is located on the Theresienwiese -> shortform in Bavarian: d'Wiesn : )

Ok, gotta get going.
See y'all laterz ; )

Oh and it might take sometime for me to do the editing and stuff, cuz my cousin stays here until tomorrow and I don't really know when I'll be able to edit, but I'll try my best to get it done asap.

Ttyl, Kiwi