Thursday, October 11, 2007

: )

So!! (I just notice, I kinda start every new entry with a "So"..)
I wrote my English test on monday. My first multiple choice test ever, and it was a long long test, pretty difficult at times, and from what I've seen around me, not everyone even finished it on time.

The test was separated into three parts:
1. Listening comprehension
2. Grammar/structure
3. Text comprehension/Vocabulary

Listening comprehension was the easiest part, except for the last couple of questions, where you had to listen to a whole conversation and then answer about five or six questions about it (and I'm not so good at concentrating for a longer time like that). But I guess it went well^^

When I was still in school I always hated grammar and structure (and I still do). Basically because I have no idea about it, I just use it the way it "feels right". So far, that also went pretty well (in school and apparently, also in this particular test).

Text comprehension never really was a problem for me. But in this test we had to read six short texts and then answer five to eight questions about those texts. Not that difficult, but we only had 45 minutes to do that, so unlike in school, where it was absolutely ok to go back and read the text again and again, it was basically impossible to read one of the texts twice. So when the teacher said: "You got one minute left!", I was happy about filling out my last answer thingie^^

This evening I went to my university again to go and check for my results.
If you'd get at least 80% you pass and get your papers for it, and can also attend the basic course in American Studies.
From 72% up to 79%, you'd have to take a special language class, write another test in that at the end of the semester to get the papers for it.
And under 71%... well, let's say: Bummer.

So I went there, not expecting much. After all, I didn't study at all for the test (and from what I've heard on the day of the test, most people did study a frikkin lot), so I was even more surprised to see I passed and got my papers!
I don't have the exact results yet (I can get them on October 29th), but hey, I passed with at least 80%, and I couldn't be happier : )

Now I'll just hope I'll be able to go to college longer than only this one semester now...
But like I mentioned in another blog entry a couple of days ago... that's another looong story.

Here's my Happy Dance for today : )


  1. Meh. I think most people don't really give a shit about grammar. I know an English teacher who hates grammar and is as lousy with it as I am. For my part I bad at it because like most people who can speak two or more languages, I can write in both Spanish and English decently well (although my English is better and English is technically my second language!) yet I screw up when it comes to putting punctuation marks in the right places and all. Being a wannabe writer, this can be frustrating on my editor. But fuck him! I think the point of writing is trying to get a comprehensible message out, not making it look pretty.

    On the other hand I know how you feel about taking an exam and not studying for it and coming out with an excellent grade. I'm amazed that I passed a philosophy course without ever having to study for it while I would find my classmates outside the classroom doing some last minute studying. I almost felt guilty.

    God this was long.


  2. So, your English is really good, and your dancing is....well,...