Thursday, October 4, 2007

Uhm yeah, wow!

Oktoberfest, Oktoberfest... What can I say?
What a night!! I went there at around 6.30pm (and sadly it got dark pretty soon after I arrived, but nonetheless I filmed a LOT!!) and had an hour to go around by myself, film and take a look at all the beer tents (they were all closed because too many people were there).
Then my cousin and his colleagues arrived, we met up and tried to find a way into at least one of the beergardens (every beer tent has a beergarden outside). Fortunately it rained a little so a few people were leaving and we finally got a table to order some beer (you're not allowed to order if you don't have a table).
And that was the moment I stopped filming^^ - well not really. But for the next hours I didn't film anything, but when we were leaving (we had to, they were closing) I took out the camera again and filmed a little, but I have refused to look at the footage until now, and I bet it's shaky, blurry and not that good camera work (I wonder why... lol).
After we left we went to another bar, had some more beer (my head is still aching, btw - and yes, I know it's been two days already) and then went to my place (at that time our little group had shrunken from 6 to 3 people) to have - yes, another beer.
And after the collaegue of my cousin left, we finally went to bed.. Not really. He went to bed, I turned on my computer [Duuh!!] to record me prattle a little about nothing. While trying to edit that video together, I gave up, almost passed out on my keyboard and finally decided to end the night for me as well.
So I got to bed at around 7 in the morning, had about 5 hours of sleep, woke up with the biggest headache ever, facing a painful day of hangover that my cousin and I spent in front of the TV, watching amazingly interesting shows like MTV Masters, a part of Happy Gilmore, and whatelse I can't remember.
And tomorrow a friend of mine comes to visit and she wants to go to the Oktoberfest again.
Oh gawd. I'll be dead.
Oooooh and the best thing is:
On monday I have to write a test in English that I have to pass with 80% to be allowed to get into my classes for American Studies. Ugh!! Great.

Anyways, I don't think my "college carreer" will last much longer... But that's another [loooong] story.

For now let me just say:
We had a blast! We met so many interesting and funny people (like the four girls from Australia we shared our table with), sang a lot of drinking songs (Duuh!) and basically just had the best time you can possibly have. It was worth all the suffering, I guess^^

And that's why I only drink 4 or 5 times a year. Oh well.

I hope to get the video together sometime this week.

Ttyl, Kiwi

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  1. I hope that you are going to post it on youtube. That'll be pretty cool.
    Ha ha. You got a hangover! Sorry, I had to made fun of it. I never got a hangover before, and probably will never get one.- on the account that I don't drink. I wonder how hard your English thing would be for me... since it's my native tongue. It would be so screwed up if it was so hard that I couldn't even pass it. I think that you'll do good though, even with the lost time with the hangover. You speak English pretty well for a non-native speaker. Good luck.