Friday, January 23, 2009

Sexy live fun

Finally the Robot managed to install the driver for his webcam, so we celebrated.

Cross-eyed LOVE.
attempt #1
attempt #2

Monday, January 19, 2009

Observing yourself.

Haiiiiiiiiiii my sexy blog reader, how are things in your part of the world?

Things in Kiwi-land are fabulous. I'm having so much fun with the PJ Club (yah yah I mentioned that in the previous post too), and especially the people on there, and also my daily vlog challenge that I set for myself on my beta-channel reminds me so much of why I even started posting videos on the internet.. it's fun. And it feels right.
As most of you probably know, I'm an editing whore. If there is something I can do for 40 hours straight, it's editing. Doesn't have to be fancy or complicated, but as long as I can work on a video in SOME way, I'm a happy Kiwi.

Also, the whole one vlog a day thing feels like documenting my life in some way, and I'm still interested in how that will go for me. Now the usual thoughts of "where will I be in a few weeks/months" have changed into "where will I record videos then?". That might be a weird concept for you if you don't vlog, but the ones that do will understand what I mean and why I have those thoughts.
Posting videos on the internet is a strange thing. You get to see yourself in a different light. You become your own observer, if you want to call it that. Through that, you get to learn a lot of new things about yourself. How having some sort of "audience" (even if that's still a strange thing for me to understand, that there's an actual audience that watches and participates through comments etc.) influences you. Because it's true, being on YouTube HAS changed me, I'm sure it changes everyone to a certain point, it's just a completely new situation, something that not many people get to experience. All the ups and downs that come along with it, creative blocks and outbursts as well as getting to know (and love) people on this e-level. You collect some sort of circle of friends that maybe even get to know you better than the ones you have irl. And yes, I do realize that that's a strange thing, but it's also an interesting and good thing, I'd say.
To make a long story short, I'm excited and happy about having resurrected my beta-channel and using it for daily vlogs now. I really wanna try to make a video a day there. It's good to keep me in a video making mood (as you also may have noticed, I've been slacking in that department a bit in the second half of 2008) and like I mentioned before, I. Love. Editing. It's really that simple.

Some people might say, whoever has the time to make one video a day has no life. That, my sexy reader, is completely untrue. I've been more busy irl in the past few weeks than I have been in the months before that, and still I find the time to make videos.
Why? Probably because I don't watch TV. If you think about it like that: the average time one spends everyday watching TV is about 4 hours (so I've read somewhere. Might be more or less and also vary from country to country of course). It's easy for me to shoot, edit and upload a video in less than 4 hours. While doing that, I still get to talk to people, I'm learning new things with every video really, and that's that!

Point being: I have fun with what I'm doing here, and I'm looking forward to do more! Also, the people I'm talking to online are the most creative and inspiring people I have ever met (yes, I say "met", not "e-met" or some crap like that) in my life, and I truely and deeply love you. You know who you are. CHEESY! Cheesy is good. Ha!

That's all from me today. I hope you're all doing fantastic as well, and I shall talk to you in one way or another soon!


Saturday, January 17, 2009

omg wow

It's January 17 already?! How the.. what the.. WHEN??
Seriously, time flies by when you have things to do and plans and fun and blah, and wow, I seriously wanted to blog more. Oh well!

Soooo how are you doing my lovelies? I'm most fabulous, been working a lot, been learning tons of new things about editing and all that cool stuff we do here on the internet, been making music (yaha, kinda. Sorta. Well yes ok, I have.), been writing, been editing a little more.. and it's awesome to have so much planned, even if it sometimes seems to be a bit overwhelming and I have my problems to find a starting point for everything.
BUT it's all good, I enjoy and embrace it and honestly, when I'm home these days and NOT working on anything, I don't even know what to do with myself.
Goodbye times where I was just sitting in front of my laptop, watching random shows or movies. THIS is way better!

I've had an awesome e-birthday party over at a special bday channel, and once again I wanna say thanks to everyone who thought of me that day and wished me a happy birthday. It was so sweet to receive all those messages and comments!

Also, I've been re-thinking my beta-channel concept and after uploading my last vlog (which was actually two vlogs) to my main channel and the usual e-identity crisis that uploading vlogs always made me have [on one hand I love making and watching vlogs, on the other hand I hate them. Haha], it just seems like a good idea to post vlogs and little snippets of my life that I maybe wanna share on my secondary account. Even though I've felt like simple vlogs on my main channel don't make too much sense and don't belong there for a whole while now, that feelings has grown stronger in the past weeks or even months, and separating that more seems to be a good idea to me.

So! I'm uploading a vlog as we speak (or more like: as I'm writing this right now) and I have to edit some more so I'll keep this blog post short.
I'm excited about the PJ Club and it's fabulous to have a playground for yourself and your friends.

With a Ton O'Luv,

PS: Can't wait to go to Berlin on the 28th :D

Thursday, January 15, 2009

It has an orange button.. you should click it. You won't regret it, trust me.

(regular blog posts to follow)

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

First Growl Of 2009. *growls*

Omg it's a new year!!! *freaks out*

And so far, it's been fantastic. For some reason, an insanely awesome creativity burst happened in my life, and there are soooo many things I have planned, so many things I wanna do, and I don't even know where to start!! But it's most excellent, since the second half of 2008 has been rather dry for me, creativity-wise. I felt restless and like I wanted and needed to do and create things, but had no ideas, no motivation. It's the most frustrating feeling in the world, and I'm more than happy that it's gone now. So on to new things!!

And now let me share some things that made me smile:
This is a drawing that Jesse posted on my iminlikewithyou wall:(it's me, obviously, being on the phone while pwning in Blockles [true story]. Which is like the most awesome game in the world and apparently, I rawk at it [true story, the sequel].)

Another drawing from my iilwy-wall (gawd they really should have taken a url that allows a better short version than iilwy. Looks dumb) that Kennedy posted there:(it's a Kiwi with an iPod Nano! omg! Ahhh loves it)

This I totally stole from Chris' blog:But because it was for me and inspired by something we were talking about (and no, forget it, I will not tell you the context. Have fun guessing though), and I love the little drawing and basically all the other little comic drawings he did on his blog (omg check it out NOW. I DEMAND IT!! GO!!!!) I wanted to post it here too.

Another thing I'd love to post here is a song that the wonderful Drake wrote and performed and recorded for me. That totally made my day (was it.. Tuesday? Yes I do believe it was. Omg yesterday!! My day/night rhythm and any perception of the terms "today"/"yesterday"/"tomorrow" have been severely screwed up due to an 8 hour marathon on iilwy a few days ago. Sleeping-patterns ftl!!) and it's beyond fabulous, but you'll just have to believe me when I say that because I don't know how I'd post it here, and also.. it's MINE!!!!! And I don't need to share everything with you.
Anyway, I'm totally working on a song for him now, but since I suck at making music it's probably gonna take me a little while, but IT WILL BE DONE FFS!!!!! Cuz.. y'know.. I want to and stuff ^_____^

So! Moving on!

As of January 2, 2009, the world is in order again. The Robot in my life has returned, and I'm a happy little Kiwi.
Yesterday, Billi also returned from his little family-holiday-vacation-related internet break and now we're all together again (insert cheesy music here) and my e-life is back to normal and beyond GOOD.

While writing this post I'm also in a delicious little threesome Skype-group-chat with the two B's (yeah you're right, that stands for "bitches". They're mine.), and I'd like to share an excerpt of said chat with you now:
[background story: we were discussing a group project that shall be revealed to the public SOON, and as the beginning of the chat probably already gives away, YES it involves videos, and no, I'm not gonna tell you more about this NOW. Also, I sent both B's a song {"Change" by Blind Melon} and then the chat commenced as follows:]

[10:25:01] billi : yay!

[10:25:21] billi : so the videos... can they be anything as long as we post?
[10:25:28] Kiwi : yeah
[10:25:29] billi : that's basically what we did there before.
[10:25:29] Kiwi : i'd say
[10:25:36] billi : ok
[10:25:40] Kiwi : at least for now
[10:25:46] ben : while we warm up
[10:25:50] Kiwi : i mean we can still start some discussion in the videos about ideas
[10:25:55] Kiwi : have people suggest stuff
[10:25:55] ben : and get a rhythm going like Angels first few seasons
[10:25:55] Kiwi : etc
[10:26:02] Kiwi : HAHAHAH
[10:26:24] ben : *and thats when bill realized how nerdy his efriends were
[10:26:28] Kiwi : i wanna lay on a wodden floor, feet up against a wall, smoke a joint and listen to that song.
[10:26:42] Kiwi : and by wodden, i mean wooden.
[10:27:00] Kiwi : and by everything i said, i meant with youuuu
[10:27:15] billi : and by wooden she means wood and by floor she means ben's lap
[10:27:20] Kiwi : HAHAHAHA
[10:27:25] Kiwi : how did you KNOW
[10:27:34] ben : she wouldnt feel anything 8D
[10:28:07] Kiwi : i never do *shoves needle into one knee, laughs hysterically
[10:29:09] Kiwi : ...too far?
[10:29:14] billi : hahaha
[10:29:15] ben : im in the zone
[10:29:25] billi : i AM smoking a joint
[10:29:29] Kiwi : like britney?
[10:29:35] Kiwi : oh. wait. she'd do crack.
[10:29:40] ben : crack attack!
[10:29:41] billi : (smoking)
[10:29:43] Kiwi : *looks at glass pipe
[10:29:54] billi : hahaha is it right by you?
[10:29:56] billi : mine is!
[10:30:04] Kiwi : everything is right by me.
[10:30:06] billi : scrape it and hit the resin!!
[10:30:32] Kiwi : BRITNEY PARTAY
[10:30:34] Kiwi : (dance)
[10:30:37] ben : OMGG
[10:30:45] Kiwi : lace and leather baby
[10:30:51] ben : RIGHT>?!?!?
[10:30:54] Kiwi : YAHA
[10:31:10] billi : oh ok i'm still listen to blond melon.
[10:31:23] billi : *throws on britney i guess

(I like "Blond Melon".)

So! With this I shall end this post and leave you with two pictures I did for Ben and Maddox.
I hope you've all had a fabulous start into the new year, and I shall talk to you all soon!!