Saturday, January 17, 2009

omg wow

It's January 17 already?! How the.. what the.. WHEN??
Seriously, time flies by when you have things to do and plans and fun and blah, and wow, I seriously wanted to blog more. Oh well!

Soooo how are you doing my lovelies? I'm most fabulous, been working a lot, been learning tons of new things about editing and all that cool stuff we do here on the internet, been making music (yaha, kinda. Sorta. Well yes ok, I have.), been writing, been editing a little more.. and it's awesome to have so much planned, even if it sometimes seems to be a bit overwhelming and I have my problems to find a starting point for everything.
BUT it's all good, I enjoy and embrace it and honestly, when I'm home these days and NOT working on anything, I don't even know what to do with myself.
Goodbye times where I was just sitting in front of my laptop, watching random shows or movies. THIS is way better!

I've had an awesome e-birthday party over at a special bday channel, and once again I wanna say thanks to everyone who thought of me that day and wished me a happy birthday. It was so sweet to receive all those messages and comments!

Also, I've been re-thinking my beta-channel concept and after uploading my last vlog (which was actually two vlogs) to my main channel and the usual e-identity crisis that uploading vlogs always made me have [on one hand I love making and watching vlogs, on the other hand I hate them. Haha], it just seems like a good idea to post vlogs and little snippets of my life that I maybe wanna share on my secondary account. Even though I've felt like simple vlogs on my main channel don't make too much sense and don't belong there for a whole while now, that feelings has grown stronger in the past weeks or even months, and separating that more seems to be a good idea to me.

So! I'm uploading a vlog as we speak (or more like: as I'm writing this right now) and I have to edit some more so I'll keep this blog post short.
I'm excited about the PJ Club and it's fabulous to have a playground for yourself and your friends.

With a Ton O'Luv,

PS: Can't wait to go to Berlin on the 28th :D


  1. I'm so jelious!
    your life seem to be littarly to be stuffed with awesomeness

  2. omg! i can't believe you ended this by linking to my benrobot vid <3

  3. Total date confusion!!! First I read 28th and think, hm, wasn't it the 29th?? Then I open my iCal and see: no, 28th is right. Then I read Aeric's comment and open my iCal again. It was set to February 2008???

    Boah, Leute...

  4. Hallo,
    New "fan" here...
    I'm visiting Germany from Vancouver Canada right now, and while I still have my days upsidedown, I've started to "learn German with SpeedyconKiwi"
    I hope that I would still be in Berlin when you come. Would love to buy you a beer and thank you for what I've learned so far.
    Anyway, back to watch more videos...
    Tschüss !
    Victor B.