Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Let's Get Some Shoes.

I can't get that song outta my head.
"These shoes rule. These shoes SUCK!"
Yay for the betches : )

[If you have no idea what I'm talking about, your adress probably looks something like:
First corner on the left, Moon.]

Oh and I got a new hat!!!!

Purrfectly purdy, eh?

The Team.

Aaaaaw look at that:

Looks like we're mad at each other ; )

Most discussed list here we come!

Now go and check out Ben : )

Ttyl, Kiwi

Saturday, August 25, 2007


So I'm finally back to reading. Yessum, "back" as in "I was away from that certain activity for quite some time now".
Stupid internetz and it's pleasures and addictive opportunities, it pretty much kept me from what I used to do in my free time, i.e. reading as much as possible.
My all time favorite has been is and always will be Stephen King. When it comes to story telling, that man is more than gifted, and I never came across another author who understood it so well to draw characters with words that made you believe in such a short time you'd actually know them in person.
I read a lot of different authors, but with him I could always be sure to get something amazing out of it. There are many people who look down on King and trying to convince everyone around them that he's only writing books one could read on vacation (as in: "not so deep literature you can easily read through in a short time"), but in my humble opinion everyone who says something like that has never read a single line of what he'd written.
I truely envy and admire his brilliance when it comes to telling a story and putting together the right words, and so he'll be always number one on my list.

On wednesday I bought "Lisey's Story" and it's the first book of King I read in english. Haven't read anything in english for quite some time now (well, after I finished school there was no real need for that) and getting back to that just was a wonderful experience. I'm about half through the book and it only keeps getting better from page to page.
I just hope going back to Munich and my legal and fast working internet connection won't keep me away from reading again, but I'm pretty sure it won't. Just because I got reminded on what I loved so much about books:
It's the story that counts. It's really all that simple.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Coming Home.

So tomorrow it's goodbye home town, and hello again beautiful Munich!
The time I spent here actually was quite fun, except for today when my aunt came here to visit us (we don't get along that well), and she was looking through the jewelry both of my late grandma and mother, trying to get something for herself. But with the help of my dad we were able to prevent her from actually taking something she wanted.. and so she left after painful hours of talking about extremely not interesting stuff and showing around pictures of random trips she took in the last couple of weeks. Oh families. Always fun O_O

I didn't film anything so far, maybe I will record something later, but I doubt it. Just not in the mood for being on camera, although I'd love to edit something, just for the fun of it.

Also, I'm kinda fighting with my roommate right now. Well, not an actual fight, but it will be one as soon as I get back to Munich. The last time I saw her (sunday) I had a friend over for a couple of days.. and of course my roommate acted like a total jerk again. She always does that when I have friends over, but this time it was stranger than usual.
On sunday I picked up my friend Anna from the train station and we spent most of the day at home, just because the weather was not really good (it was quite rainy) and originally we had planned to go out at night to a Beergarden, but since it rained so much the whole day, the Beergarden was closed and we just took a walk around my part of town for about three hours.That was really nice and we talked a lot about whatever you can talk about^^ And since we don't see each other very often, we had a really good time.
When we got back home, we both were extremely tired, and so we went to bed pretty early (at around midnight). And just after I said good night to my roommate, she came back into my room, asking if she could have a cigarette from me and spend some time with me (wtf?!).
So I went to the kitchen because I knew once she'd sit down on my bed I'd never get her out of my room again. Of course she followed me and immediately started to talk about whatever was on her mind. I myself was soooo tired I yawned the whole time and wasn't even really able to keep my eyes open. For once in my life I was so tired it made me mad.
To make a long story short: she talked, I listened, we both smoked a cigarette, and when I was done with mine, I told her I'd need to go to sleep now. Like seriously.
So we said good night (again!) and that was it.
Sounds pretty unspectacular, doesn't it?
The next day my roommate was already at work when Anna and I went to the supermarket to buy some groceries, but we forgot to buy dish liquid, and so when we got back home and I noticed that, I textmessaged my roommate if she could buy some dish liquid when she was on her way home.
And then she wrote back to me:
"I'm not sure when I'm gonna come home. And if you're in the same mood as yesterday, I'm not gonna hurry."

And I was like wtf what the hell does she mean with that?! Same mood as yesterday? Is she kidding me?

Confused, surprised and upset I wrote back:
"What the hell do you mean with that? Same mood? Tired?!"

And guess what that loveable girl answered me:
"What the 'hell' I mean with that? I'm so fed up with your moods sometimes.. Forget it, we'll talk about it when Anna is away."
[I'm pretty sure I'll write something about her moods here someday soon...]

And that's it. That's the last time I communicated with her, and today is friday. On monday (text message day^^) she came home at 1am, sneaked into our flat and went right to bed without saying anything. Nice, huh? And so brave. Wow. I'm really impressed.
On tuesday I left Munich to go and see my dad (and I'm still there), so we didn't see each other for quite some time now and I'm thrilled about seeing her again tomorrow.
Thrilled. Yes sure.

I really wonder what she wants to tell me, because if she starts with all that crap, there is A LOT I have to tell her. A frikkin lot. I am thinking about moving for almost a year now (and we moved in together in july 06..) but I never made that move, just because I wanna have our appartment for myself once she's finished with school and hopefully moves out, and also I always tried to be nice to her, because she's not really mentally stable and also very insecure. I always felt bad for her, because she doesn't have real friends (I wonder why..) and I think she sees me as her only true friend. Kinda sad when you think of me wanting to get rid of her for almost the whole time we lived together.
Oh well. It's gonna get interesting tomorrow, I'm sure.

And this is exactly the shit I never wanted to talk about on the internet. At least not on camera.
I love my blog ; )

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Big Time Ew.

If you share a flat with someone.. You might be able to relate to this.

Top Ten Things Not To Do In A Flat Share:

#10 - Why close your door when you go to bed. It's much more chatty and open if people that don't sleep at 10pm have to be quiet as hell not to wake you up. And if they do, please be sure to be as bitchy as possible.

#9 - There is absolutely no need for putting away all your stuff you need to fix your hair with after using it. It's great when every fucking space in the bathroom is occupied by a blow-dryer, a hair straightener and a never cleaned brush.

#8 - If you buy groceries, please be sure to place them all over the fucking fridge so there is no particular order anymore. Who needs that anyways. Totally overrated.

#7 - Speaking of food: If you're buying fish marinated in the most disgustingly smelling sauce ever, why not eat it while sitting on the bed of your roommate, spilling sauce all over the place? That will be highly appreciated. Trust me.

#6 - Speaking of food part 2: If your roommate makes something to eat, be sure to tell him/her how extremely disgusting you find whatever it is, he or she is making. It's a super awesome idea.

#5 - Speaking of food part 3: Washing dishes is fun, everybody knows that. And if it's your turn to wash them, it's gonna be even more fun if you make sure nothing you just washed and dried is actually clean before you put it back in the cupboard. That way it will be such a nice surprise for the person who wants to use the plate or jar for themselves.

#4 - Taking a bath is relaxing. It's even better if you leave the bathtub dirty as hell after you took a bath. The person who wants to use the bathtub after you will be thrilled! Especially if you leave hair and dried crusty foam behind.

#3 - If you need to go for number 2.. Don't ever clean the toilet after you're done. Hygiene in the bathroom is completely overrated and nothing to be focussed on. Seriously.

#2 - Try to constantly spend time with your roommate. Textmessage or call him/her, whenever he or she is not at home, ask about where he/she is, when he/she's coming back, and what the plans are for the next day. And please don't forget to be fucking bitchy when it comes to a point where your roommate wants to have a little privacy (i.e. time off from you). That's just a no-go and should never ever be tolerated. Your roommate's only duty is to spend time with you and only you and there is absolutely no fucking way to make any excuses.

#1 - Speaking of which: Your roommate has friends besides you? Don't you let him/her get away with that! Hate on your roommate's friends as much as possible, be a total jerk when those friends are at your place so they never wanna come back again, and try to make them look bad and stupid at any given chance. Furthermore make tons of friends yourself, it doesn't even matter if you really like them or not, as long as they look good, have a lot of money and assure your place in society: They're the perfect choice! It doesn't matter if they're stupid as fuck, or absolutely uncapabale of having a real conversation. It's also a good choice to make your roommate look stupid whenever your friends are around, and at the same time try to make your roommate bond with your friends. But beware: If there might be the slightest chance of your roommate actually getting along with one of your friends, start the pissed-off-mode before you may have lost a friend to your roommate. To make yourself look more interesting, you can also go for the "Look at my freak roommate" choice. That's never a bad idea.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Adventurous Times, My Friends!

Yah ok, the title is a little bit exorbitant (yes, I just looked that word up, and I love it! - Note to self: use the word exorbitant at any given chance), but it's much more catchy (much catchier?? Damn those language barriers again..) than "Update" or crap like that.
Let's see.
Featured video: The hype about it slows down and I couldn't be happier about that.
I'm still kinda shocked about how stupid people can be. And spam, oh sweet beloved spam, what would I do without you? Thanks to the feature I know now about thirty different websites that have the best porn offer on the whole internet, and also a loooot of websites that are better for nudity than YouTube. Oh thank you so so much. I'd be lost without spam.
Positive side effect: I gained about 30 subscribers in a pretty short time, but then again the channel pages of most of them looked.. let's say: suspiciously plaine. It's kinda weird to get new subscribers that signed up the same day, have nothing, absolutely NOFUCKINGTHING on their page and only one subscription plus one favorite (for the slow ones: that'd be me). But hey, everyone starts like that, am I right?
Hmm maybe. Nevermind.
The only thing I'm still worrying about is the slightest possibility of my roommate watching a single video someone sent her the link to on YouTube and she sees my video in the Director's Videos thingie on the side bar.. Chances are not very high, but oh well, I'm a little paranoid when it comes to those things.

I just finished filming, editing and sending some clips for another video collaboration I'm gonna be in in the near future and I'm really excited about it. I'm not gonna say what it's about, but it was already so much fun to record it, that I can't wait to see the edited video! It's super silly and I love it! : )

So now there are three collabs coming out soon where I'm participating in, and that's kinda the right time, because from sunday to tuesday I'm having a friend over, she doesn't know about YouTube, and I don't think I'll tell her 'bout it, and on tuesday evening I'm gonna leave Munich again to see my dad and stay there for a couple of days. Not so sure how long I'll be offline, because on wednesday he's getting surgery on his eye (they're exchanging the lense O__o) and since he doesn't have good sight on the other eye (is it just me or am I not able to use real grammar today?) I'm gonna play the nurse for a couple of days. I hope I'll be back in Munich on friday, but I'm not couting on it.
So while I'm away, there are those video collabs coming out, and I'm gonna try to make a music video while I'm at my dad's, because I just found an excellent way to get music that is licensed under the Creative Commons, and since making music videos is something I always loved to do, and I really missed it, I'll try my best to make a decent video for one of the songs I found there.

By the way: Does anybody wanna buy a piano? I have to sell mine and need a little cash^^

Hm... I think that's about it for now. Maybe I'll make a short vlog-ish video tomorrow, but we'll see, I have A LOT of cleaning up to do before Anna arrives here on sunday.

Ttyl, Kiwi

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Holy Sh*t!

A little speechless.
I think I just got featured in the Pets & Animal category. With that boring (yah, I said it.. again!) Zoo video I basically edited for the sole purpose of editing and wasting some time.
But I really don't wanna complain. Being featured was something I always kinda e-dreamed of (yeah, I know how lame that sounds) and that I was scared of at the same time. So I think a category feature isn't too bad after all.
Of course the spamming got even worse, and I received a whole bunch of incredibly stupid comments that made me just wonder if people really watched the video or just saw the title, clicked on it and commented before watching a single second of the footage.
I also gained about 12 new subscribers in the last 24 hours, which is A LOT for me.
So what can I say? It's exciting and pretty odd at the same time.

And isn't that a nice screenshot? ; )

It is!! And since the video has ridiculously many views.. My complete video views went up from about 65,000 to over 140,000 in less than 24 hours. Weird weird internetz.

Another thing that's on my mind when it comes to YouTube these days is the infamous YouTube bug that's been around for the past week or so.
I have no idea if it's something like a virus, or how it works, but it makes your subscription number go down to 0...
You don't actually lose your subscribers, but on your page the subscriber number that is showen goes down to.. well, I already said it: o.
After applemilk1988 getting hacked and lots of accounts suspended the bug thing seems kinda pointless, but it's at least as annoying as the current Internal Server Error that might get you after you try to post a comment on a channel page. (All I'm saying is: Highly trained monkeys?? WTF are you KIDDING ME??)

Okok, so much babbling for today. Or maybe not and I'll go on with that later. Who knows. The energy drink is still flowing.
Did that make any sense at all?
Oh how should I know.

ttyl, Kiwi

Oh btw, you wanna see some really good Pets & Animal footage? Although my latest video is kinda random and pointless, I think I got the best shots of my cat I could ever get. I'm so in love with that little furry thing, you wouldn't believe.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Soooooo.... (something like an update?!)

...I'm at my dad's. And at the moment I'm sitting in our backyard, hacked into one of our naive neighbor's internet connection *muahuahua*
Not sure how long I'll be able to be online here, but I thought I could use the time I have and write something, since my last post is from.. Uhm.. Long ago.
I just received an awesome email from some stranger on YouTube, asking for a video request. And omfg you can be sure I'm gonna use that one and some other weirdo-mails I got in the past couple of months for a future video.
What are people thinking?? The internetz - A place for friends and especially for WACKOS!!
Perverts. All together. Geez!!
Then again, what would the world be without some strange people to laugh at?? Probably.. a little less funny.

Now: YouTube stuff.
I noticed that this year seems to be more the year of collaborations then the year of big 'Tubers. This time around it's more like: "Oh, did you watch that fantastic video from [insert random username here] with guest appearences by [insert more random usernames here]???"
And you know what? I LOVE IT!
Why be satisfied with one great person, if you can have two, three or even more in one video?
Okok I know I'm repeating myself here, but I love it.
I really do.
Why am I telling you this, you ask?
I have no idea. Just wanted to post something, and since the connection is soooo slow, no videos or pictures or something like that.
Poor you.

I'm afraid that's it for now.
Maybe my brain works better later. We'll see.

xoxo, Kiwi

PS: Did I tell you how much I love.. Oh nevermind.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007


In honor of the official "World Cats Day" (I hope that translation works -_-) I'd like to share some of my favorite pictures of my cat.
Best buddy and my furry brother for 13 years now.
And since he lives at my dad's (100 km away from me), I miss him today even more.



Tuesday, August 7, 2007

omg please not AGAIN

Yes, that's right, I'm posting again. Chances are no one besides me and one or two people I will beg to visit my blog will read this.
Then again, I couldn't care less.
I'm bored, for Pete's sake (who is this Pete guy anyways?) and I wanna try out how to post pictures and other stuff like that here.
Should I post some weird screenshots of me and Kiki while we were chatting on Skype? Or would she immediately
stop talking to me and sue me to top it?

Maybe I should have slept a little longer than three hours.
I'm gonna go to the movies tonight (interesting, isn't it?) and finally watch Harry Potter 5. I know, I know, everybody watched it besides me, so there I go, trying to catch up on the geeky cinematric culture.
Did I just make that up? Possibly.

Ok. Since my roommate just decided she wants to spend time with me (-_-) I'll stop here, won't post anymore pictures or stuff like that (maybe a video? Probably) and think I'll be back soon.

Yours boringly,

My Videos are here ^_^

Here we go again.

So I'm a blogger now. Great.
I usually don't blog. I vlog. Videoblog. Whatever that may mean.
This here is all new and strange and I feel the need to write something here, but then again I have absolutely no effin clue what I could possibly write that anyone would wanna read.
Kinda weird, when I think about the fact that I always considered myself as being a writer. Somehow. I always pictured myself being an author, journalist, or something similar in the nearer future. I know I'm gonna write a book one day. Maybe no one except myself will ever read it, but that's not important.
Not important as well: This posting.
What the fuck was I thinking??
Maybe I should end this little thing called "First Post" for now, leave you with my quote of the day, and try to add a video about vlogging.
Whoring my YouTube channel.

xoxo, Kiwi

Quote of the day:
"Art is an expression of who you are. Parts that I play are my sculptures." (Kim Cattrall)
[Yes, that's right. I just quoted someone from Sex & The City. How smart can I be.)