Friday, August 24, 2007

Coming Home.

So tomorrow it's goodbye home town, and hello again beautiful Munich!
The time I spent here actually was quite fun, except for today when my aunt came here to visit us (we don't get along that well), and she was looking through the jewelry both of my late grandma and mother, trying to get something for herself. But with the help of my dad we were able to prevent her from actually taking something she wanted.. and so she left after painful hours of talking about extremely not interesting stuff and showing around pictures of random trips she took in the last couple of weeks. Oh families. Always fun O_O

I didn't film anything so far, maybe I will record something later, but I doubt it. Just not in the mood for being on camera, although I'd love to edit something, just for the fun of it.

Also, I'm kinda fighting with my roommate right now. Well, not an actual fight, but it will be one as soon as I get back to Munich. The last time I saw her (sunday) I had a friend over for a couple of days.. and of course my roommate acted like a total jerk again. She always does that when I have friends over, but this time it was stranger than usual.
On sunday I picked up my friend Anna from the train station and we spent most of the day at home, just because the weather was not really good (it was quite rainy) and originally we had planned to go out at night to a Beergarden, but since it rained so much the whole day, the Beergarden was closed and we just took a walk around my part of town for about three hours.That was really nice and we talked a lot about whatever you can talk about^^ And since we don't see each other very often, we had a really good time.
When we got back home, we both were extremely tired, and so we went to bed pretty early (at around midnight). And just after I said good night to my roommate, she came back into my room, asking if she could have a cigarette from me and spend some time with me (wtf?!).
So I went to the kitchen because I knew once she'd sit down on my bed I'd never get her out of my room again. Of course she followed me and immediately started to talk about whatever was on her mind. I myself was soooo tired I yawned the whole time and wasn't even really able to keep my eyes open. For once in my life I was so tired it made me mad.
To make a long story short: she talked, I listened, we both smoked a cigarette, and when I was done with mine, I told her I'd need to go to sleep now. Like seriously.
So we said good night (again!) and that was it.
Sounds pretty unspectacular, doesn't it?
The next day my roommate was already at work when Anna and I went to the supermarket to buy some groceries, but we forgot to buy dish liquid, and so when we got back home and I noticed that, I textmessaged my roommate if she could buy some dish liquid when she was on her way home.
And then she wrote back to me:
"I'm not sure when I'm gonna come home. And if you're in the same mood as yesterday, I'm not gonna hurry."

And I was like wtf what the hell does she mean with that?! Same mood as yesterday? Is she kidding me?

Confused, surprised and upset I wrote back:
"What the hell do you mean with that? Same mood? Tired?!"

And guess what that loveable girl answered me:
"What the 'hell' I mean with that? I'm so fed up with your moods sometimes.. Forget it, we'll talk about it when Anna is away."
[I'm pretty sure I'll write something about her moods here someday soon...]

And that's it. That's the last time I communicated with her, and today is friday. On monday (text message day^^) she came home at 1am, sneaked into our flat and went right to bed without saying anything. Nice, huh? And so brave. Wow. I'm really impressed.
On tuesday I left Munich to go and see my dad (and I'm still there), so we didn't see each other for quite some time now and I'm thrilled about seeing her again tomorrow.
Thrilled. Yes sure.

I really wonder what she wants to tell me, because if she starts with all that crap, there is A LOT I have to tell her. A frikkin lot. I am thinking about moving for almost a year now (and we moved in together in july 06..) but I never made that move, just because I wanna have our appartment for myself once she's finished with school and hopefully moves out, and also I always tried to be nice to her, because she's not really mentally stable and also very insecure. I always felt bad for her, because she doesn't have real friends (I wonder why..) and I think she sees me as her only true friend. Kinda sad when you think of me wanting to get rid of her for almost the whole time we lived together.
Oh well. It's gonna get interesting tomorrow, I'm sure.

And this is exactly the shit I never wanted to talk about on the internet. At least not on camera.
I love my blog ; )

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