Friday, August 17, 2007

Adventurous Times, My Friends!

Yah ok, the title is a little bit exorbitant (yes, I just looked that word up, and I love it! - Note to self: use the word exorbitant at any given chance), but it's much more catchy (much catchier?? Damn those language barriers again..) than "Update" or crap like that.
Let's see.
Featured video: The hype about it slows down and I couldn't be happier about that.
I'm still kinda shocked about how stupid people can be. And spam, oh sweet beloved spam, what would I do without you? Thanks to the feature I know now about thirty different websites that have the best porn offer on the whole internet, and also a loooot of websites that are better for nudity than YouTube. Oh thank you so so much. I'd be lost without spam.
Positive side effect: I gained about 30 subscribers in a pretty short time, but then again the channel pages of most of them looked.. let's say: suspiciously plaine. It's kinda weird to get new subscribers that signed up the same day, have nothing, absolutely NOFUCKINGTHING on their page and only one subscription plus one favorite (for the slow ones: that'd be me). But hey, everyone starts like that, am I right?
Hmm maybe. Nevermind.
The only thing I'm still worrying about is the slightest possibility of my roommate watching a single video someone sent her the link to on YouTube and she sees my video in the Director's Videos thingie on the side bar.. Chances are not very high, but oh well, I'm a little paranoid when it comes to those things.

I just finished filming, editing and sending some clips for another video collaboration I'm gonna be in in the near future and I'm really excited about it. I'm not gonna say what it's about, but it was already so much fun to record it, that I can't wait to see the edited video! It's super silly and I love it! : )

So now there are three collabs coming out soon where I'm participating in, and that's kinda the right time, because from sunday to tuesday I'm having a friend over, she doesn't know about YouTube, and I don't think I'll tell her 'bout it, and on tuesday evening I'm gonna leave Munich again to see my dad and stay there for a couple of days. Not so sure how long I'll be offline, because on wednesday he's getting surgery on his eye (they're exchanging the lense O__o) and since he doesn't have good sight on the other eye (is it just me or am I not able to use real grammar today?) I'm gonna play the nurse for a couple of days. I hope I'll be back in Munich on friday, but I'm not couting on it.
So while I'm away, there are those video collabs coming out, and I'm gonna try to make a music video while I'm at my dad's, because I just found an excellent way to get music that is licensed under the Creative Commons, and since making music videos is something I always loved to do, and I really missed it, I'll try my best to make a decent video for one of the songs I found there.

By the way: Does anybody wanna buy a piano? I have to sell mine and need a little cash^^

Hm... I think that's about it for now. Maybe I'll make a short vlog-ish video tomorrow, but we'll see, I have A LOT of cleaning up to do before Anna arrives here on sunday.

Ttyl, Kiwi

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  1. Saw the link on your video today.

    Looks like a fun blog.

    Congrats on getting featured even if its on the pets category :-)

    Ran aka Ranblv on youtube.