Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Holy Sh*t!

A little speechless.
I think I just got featured in the Pets & Animal category. With that boring (yah, I said it.. again!) Zoo video I basically edited for the sole purpose of editing and wasting some time.
But I really don't wanna complain. Being featured was something I always kinda e-dreamed of (yeah, I know how lame that sounds) and that I was scared of at the same time. So I think a category feature isn't too bad after all.
Of course the spamming got even worse, and I received a whole bunch of incredibly stupid comments that made me just wonder if people really watched the video or just saw the title, clicked on it and commented before watching a single second of the footage.
I also gained about 12 new subscribers in the last 24 hours, which is A LOT for me.
So what can I say? It's exciting and pretty odd at the same time.

And isn't that a nice screenshot? ; )

It is!! And since the video has ridiculously many views.. My complete video views went up from about 65,000 to over 140,000 in less than 24 hours. Weird weird internetz.

Another thing that's on my mind when it comes to YouTube these days is the infamous YouTube bug that's been around for the past week or so.
I have no idea if it's something like a virus, or how it works, but it makes your subscription number go down to 0...
You don't actually lose your subscribers, but on your page the subscriber number that is showen goes down to.. well, I already said it: o.
After applemilk1988 getting hacked and lots of accounts suspended the bug thing seems kinda pointless, but it's at least as annoying as the current Internal Server Error that might get you after you try to post a comment on a channel page. (All I'm saying is: Highly trained monkeys?? WTF are you KIDDING ME??)

Okok, so much babbling for today. Or maybe not and I'll go on with that later. Who knows. The energy drink is still flowing.
Did that make any sense at all?
Oh how should I know.

ttyl, Kiwi

Oh btw, you wanna see some really good Pets & Animal footage? Although my latest video is kinda random and pointless, I think I got the best shots of my cat I could ever get. I'm so in love with that little furry thing, you wouldn't believe.

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