Saturday, August 25, 2007


So I'm finally back to reading. Yessum, "back" as in "I was away from that certain activity for quite some time now".
Stupid internetz and it's pleasures and addictive opportunities, it pretty much kept me from what I used to do in my free time, i.e. reading as much as possible.
My all time favorite has been is and always will be Stephen King. When it comes to story telling, that man is more than gifted, and I never came across another author who understood it so well to draw characters with words that made you believe in such a short time you'd actually know them in person.
I read a lot of different authors, but with him I could always be sure to get something amazing out of it. There are many people who look down on King and trying to convince everyone around them that he's only writing books one could read on vacation (as in: "not so deep literature you can easily read through in a short time"), but in my humble opinion everyone who says something like that has never read a single line of what he'd written.
I truely envy and admire his brilliance when it comes to telling a story and putting together the right words, and so he'll be always number one on my list.

On wednesday I bought "Lisey's Story" and it's the first book of King I read in english. Haven't read anything in english for quite some time now (well, after I finished school there was no real need for that) and getting back to that just was a wonderful experience. I'm about half through the book and it only keeps getting better from page to page.
I just hope going back to Munich and my legal and fast working internet connection won't keep me away from reading again, but I'm pretty sure it won't. Just because I got reminded on what I loved so much about books:
It's the story that counts. It's really all that simple.

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