Tuesday, August 7, 2007

omg please not AGAIN

Yes, that's right, I'm posting again. Chances are no one besides me and one or two people I will beg to visit my blog will read this.
Then again, I couldn't care less.
I'm bored, for Pete's sake (who is this Pete guy anyways?) and I wanna try out how to post pictures and other stuff like that here.
Should I post some weird screenshots of me and Kiki while we were chatting on Skype? Or would she immediately
stop talking to me and sue me to top it?

Maybe I should have slept a little longer than three hours.
I'm gonna go to the movies tonight (interesting, isn't it?) and finally watch Harry Potter 5. I know, I know, everybody watched it besides me, so there I go, trying to catch up on the geeky cinematric culture.
Did I just make that up? Possibly.

Ok. Since my roommate just decided she wants to spend time with me (-_-) I'll stop here, won't post anymore pictures or stuff like that (maybe a video? Probably) and think I'll be back soon.

Yours boringly,

My Videos are here ^_^


  1. I. Stalk. You.
    Nah, not really ^^ - got here from honigmaeulchen's blog. Not that I'd stalk her or something... Oh crap. >.>

  2. Damn it. I tryed to follow the movements of the asian work out slash learn English video and totally failed 'I was robbed by two men'. The choreography doesn't make much sense if you ask me...

  3. I think it makes perfect sense. The dramatic arm moving.. Wow. Isn't that something??