Sunday, August 31, 2008

Just because : )

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Sunday, August 24, 2008

A short novel, basically.

Omg, hi! My dearest, sweetest, most loveliest blog of mine! Haven't seen you in a while. I hope you have been good?
Lots has happened in the past days, I shall share a few of those things now with you, my sexy reader.

So you may have probably seen my latest video. Yes, I mean the one with the flowers. And if you haven't, BURN IN HELL!!!! Or something like that. But let's just say you have, and you know what I'm referring to right now.
Me and this car of mine and its passed away windshield wipers (may they rest in pieces), we went to the police station last Friday. Filing a report for fun, and by fun I mean insurance paper work crap stuff.
I shall now semi-copy & paste a check list that has its origins in a skype conversation, just because it was awesome and fabulous and I hope the person that I steal this from will not hate me forever and wish for my soul to suffer from eternal hell fire (what's with me and "hell" today?? I wish I knew, honestly.).
Oh and also, it's probably the easiest and fastest way to demonstrate how that police business went.

1. Finding the police station: Check!
2. Meet an annoyingly mean cop: Check!
3. Meet another cop who turned out to be quite funny and nice: Check!
4. File report and answer horrible questions about status, job or academic title: Check!
5. Take awesome pictures of the damaged car: Check!
6. Drive home and piss someone off while accidentally cutting them off: Check!

And that was that.
What I absolutely loved about this experience was that the police dude I talked to spoke the strongest Bavarian accent ever. He could have been straight out of one of those Bavarian sitcoms that no one of you will know now, but oh well. Point being: it was funny and stuff.
The only thing that made me cringe a little inside was when he asked me if I had any enemies or any idea who could have been the fuckface who did this to my beautiful little baby (aka car) and it just felt so wrong to get asked that question when it's not in a black and white movie and the cop is not wearing a trenchcoat and is actually a private detective and smoking a big cigar and I was not one of those big breast ladies with huge waves in their hair and wearing a classic 50's dress and.. oh my, I get carried away here, but I'm sure you get the point.

So that was that. This time for real. Next point of this blog post that doesn't seem to end.

The next episode of Friday was my drive to my dad's. I tried to get there before the big raining happened, because you know: no windshield wipers + rain = epic fail.
Unfortunately though that plan didn't really work out all that well. It did start light-raining halfway through, I pulled over, stopped at a McDonald's/gas station type place thingie. RASTSTÄTTE is the correct word, but damnit I will not try to find an equivalent for that or the exact translation. Anyways!
I called my dad and cried for help, he told me to just try and drive on (so responsible!!) and that it wasn't raining at his place yet so if I could manage to be faster than the rain, it should all work out.
So I thought, fine, if father says it, I shall just try.
BIG FUCKING MISTAKE. Never listen to your parents, kids. They're all full of lies. Remember the story about Santa?? Yeah?? Well it's not getting better when you get older!!!!!!
So after like half a kilometer, the rain started again. Turned out I was not driving in front of the rain cloud, but actually just behind it. I couldn't see shit, so I pulled over once again, but only to some sort of side track thingie, whatever you may call them. Not an actual place where you're supposed to stop, but for emergency stops only. But fuck me, if that was NOT an emergency stop then I don't know what is!!
So there I was, sitting in my car, trying frantically to reach my dad again who of course did not pick up his phone (lies and hate, that's a parents' thing, I tell you!), I then finally reached my friend Nina who offered to pick me up at the next Autobahn-exit if I ever managed to get there somehow. And during this lovely 30-40 minutes waiting there, I actually saw five other cars who stopped at this emergency stop thingie to fix their wipers. That amused me a lot!
Let me get to the end of the story now (we're almost there, I promise!).
After a while it stopped raining again, and now I only had to wait for the road to get dry so it wasn't like there was rain from below. Know what I mean? Good.
And when I was almost confident about continuing my driving, another car stopped behind me, approximately two meters away. I started the engine and drove about 20 centimeters, and then the car behind me HIT ME!!!! I turned off the car, stepped out, wearing a huge screw face (I was so so so pissed off at that point, you have no idea), some greasy poser dude with way too much gel in his hair and a way too shiny bling-bling earring stepped out of the car that hit my car, I asked politely "WTF WAS THAT?????", he laughed and said: "I just wanted to shove you a bit!"
You. Cannot. Imagine. How. Fucking. Mad. I. Was.
Good thing: after inspecting every inch of my car's back, nothing had happened, and I just asked the gel-dude if he maybe knew how many meters/kilometers it was to the next Autobahn-exit. He said he had a map in the car and would take a look. So since I was already all soaking wet from this rain business earlier, I went back into my car, waiting for him to tell me the answer to my question, and what did that asshole do?? Drive past by me and away.
WOAAAAAAAAHHH!!!!!! (Yes, spelled like that. Shut up.)
Seriously, wtf.
And now to the REAL end of the story:
The road was dry enough again so I could drive and finally managed to get to my dad's place before the REAL rain started.
What. A. Day.

Now I'm wondering if you've really read all of this. But that's what you get if I don't update this frequently and also have a freaking insane day like this!

I should maybe also mention that I watched The Dark Knight on Saturday. And I loved it. The camera work alone made me all tingly and all in all it was just a 10/10 movie. Not a big fan of the new Batmobile though, but oh well. Worse things have happened. [And omggggggg the whole huge scene in that bridge/tunnel thingie with the chase and all the cars and omgggggg that was awesome!!!!!!! And so many other things, but I won't spoil it for anyone, so I'll stop here.]

And.. I'm really done now. Longest blog post in the history of this blog, and if you made it to this point, I'm very proud of you. Very, very.

For no apparent reason I'm full of love for everyone today, and that's exactly how I should end this.
Hearts and rainbows and kittens and glitter!!!


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

This and that. (Exciting titles ftw!!!1!!11)

Ah so much has happened during the past few days!!! I don't even know where to start.
We had a little YT gathering here over the weekend, I think around 40 people showed up (total estimation, maybe it was way more or less, I can't estimate, I suck at that.)
Well anyways!! It was a fun weekend, I was happy to meet so many people again that I met last year in Berlin for 777, and also meeting a whole bunch of new folks. I have to admit that I did feel sad a lot because I couldn't go to Toronto, and I missed my lovelies, but all in all I had a good weekend here. And I shall now show you a few pictures from that! (Yes, I suck. Those aren't real gathering pictures but only pictures of me me me me me with a bunch of people. Oh well!! That's what you get. The end.)
[But not really the end because I should also mention that I was not in the mood to film anything. So many cameras, no need for another one. So you can just go HERE and watch videos from other people and try to spot me there lol]
My most lovely Kerstin aka muserine
Andreas aka Aeric
PalpitatioCordis, also known as Regina!
Also on Sunday night, me, AericWinter and Ally just sat down in front of the camera and recorded random crap. Not meant to be taken too seriously, and just a fun thing that was supposed to be sorta like a moving photograph. Just for us to preserve some memories and catch the mood, I guess. And today I find out that it's featured on the German frontpage. Awesome haha and everyone will be like WTF??????? but that's alright with me!

Now for the last part of this most awesome blog post. Over the past months I've been thinking about getting a fringe again. And today I did it. Here's a picture, and that's all for today. Hooray!!(I know I have to do my nails. Shut up.)

Ohhhh I almost forgot!!! I got my own lolcat!!! :D Thanks again Maddox!! <3

Friday, August 8, 2008

The most awesome bulletin of all time.

So here I was, randomly browsing YouTube, and that's what I found on a page (anyone gets which page this is? Hm? No?):
Omgggggg this is the best thing ever. *le sighN

(I reposted it. Now to wonder who will actually take this seriously. Ha!!)