Friday, August 8, 2008

The most awesome bulletin of all time.

So here I was, randomly browsing YouTube, and that's what I found on a page (anyone gets which page this is? Hm? No?):
Omgggggg this is the best thing ever. *le sighN

(I reposted it. Now to wonder who will actually take this seriously. Ha!!)


  1. Good old "teh sky is falling" chain messages, what internet service would be complete with out them?

    I remember the ones on Yahoo! back in the mid-late '90s when all the hot services ran in Java Applets, oh those were the days (fek you ActionScript/Flex/Flash)...

  2. So that's what's going around. All of a sudden I'm getting hits on the videos I did about Google buying YouTube almost two years ago, and people are commenting as if it's new. Too funny.