Wednesday, August 13, 2008

This and that. (Exciting titles ftw!!!1!!11)

Ah so much has happened during the past few days!!! I don't even know where to start.
We had a little YT gathering here over the weekend, I think around 40 people showed up (total estimation, maybe it was way more or less, I can't estimate, I suck at that.)
Well anyways!! It was a fun weekend, I was happy to meet so many people again that I met last year in Berlin for 777, and also meeting a whole bunch of new folks. I have to admit that I did feel sad a lot because I couldn't go to Toronto, and I missed my lovelies, but all in all I had a good weekend here. And I shall now show you a few pictures from that! (Yes, I suck. Those aren't real gathering pictures but only pictures of me me me me me with a bunch of people. Oh well!! That's what you get. The end.)
[But not really the end because I should also mention that I was not in the mood to film anything. So many cameras, no need for another one. So you can just go HERE and watch videos from other people and try to spot me there lol]
My most lovely Kerstin aka muserine
Andreas aka Aeric
PalpitatioCordis, also known as Regina!
Also on Sunday night, me, AericWinter and Ally just sat down in front of the camera and recorded random crap. Not meant to be taken too seriously, and just a fun thing that was supposed to be sorta like a moving photograph. Just for us to preserve some memories and catch the mood, I guess. And today I find out that it's featured on the German frontpage. Awesome haha and everyone will be like WTF??????? but that's alright with me!

Now for the last part of this most awesome blog post. Over the past months I've been thinking about getting a fringe again. And today I did it. Here's a picture, and that's all for today. Hooray!!(I know I have to do my nails. Shut up.)

Ohhhh I almost forgot!!! I got my own lolcat!!! :D Thanks again Maddox!! <3


  1. Yay for beer and tubers and fringes and features and lolcats!


  2. haha dont worry i didnt get to toronto eather... im thinking of hosting a gathering sometime my self.. should be funn

  3. Iz on your blog, yay! ^^

  4. haha so funny the pic of the cat hehehe great picture!

  5. Oh look, that's me! :D

    And I really can't estimate how many people showed up, too. Somebody should have counted us...