Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Ah Fresh Air

So today I met up with my dad, his ex-wife, my half sister and her boyfriend. Oh families ; )
We had lunch at some super small beergarden type restaurant somewhere in the middle of "oh damn where the hell are we now??", then we walked around the area there for like one hour or so.
I took some random pictures. Blah blah blah here they are:

I couldn't find a cow, so instead you'll get me with flowers. Moo.

Ah walking for no apparent reason. So dumb. So nice.

A dead tree. Looked so surreal. Looked so pretty.
Small lakes! And they looked all glittery in the sunlight.
That's my sister Bina. We stole flowers from Mother Nature.


  1. this is beautiful! [all the rest of you bitches better not say the same thing. love you]

  2. so purrdy ^_^ [it's not the same Ben, suck it! luv ya]

  3. its so beautiful where you live!!

  4. Flower stealers. God is watching. =P

  5. ooOOOooo....pwetty pweeeety!
    That surreal tree reminds me of the "six feet under" tree...

  6. The weather looks really nice! I love that tree too.

  7. Nature suits you! :)
    And what the other people said ;)

  8. cows in the nature? i heard about this strange purple animals some time ago and can assure you their natural habitat is only in tv commercials, silly....