Saturday, July 19, 2008


I'm pretty sure everyone and their brother is by now totally bored by all my mixtapes, but guess what: I'm not!!!
So here I made another one, a journey through my music taste, age 15-17. Should surprise one or two people. Have fun telling me how weirded out you all are, I so don't care!! I still love all this, and it made me have a whole bunch of awesome flashbacks while creating this mixtape. So enjoy or not, this is basically for me, but I'd be happy to take you with me on a little ride back to my teenage years! (lmao this sounds like I was 80)
Sneaking into clubs, dancing on speakerboxes, getting completely wasted, making out with strangers. Oh those were the days my friends!


loveCULT represent!!


  1. Me likey! Total Nostalgia and a memorylane trip and all that stuff, although I don't think I ever danced on speakerboxers, but otherwise, yes to everything..

    Oh, to be 16 again *sigh*

    ..ok no maybe not.

  2. I'd like to say I'm shocked or suprised, but I'm not *achselzuck*

    have fun with the girl from da northcoast ;)

  3. Cypress Hill. YES.

  4. Geilomat. You liked it raw...hab das auch mal ein paar Jahre (vor allem die Black Sunday u 36 Chambers) rauf und runter gehört und dazu einfach nur tierisch gekifft. Das war echt ein FullTimeJob.

  5. "Yo, those were the days I will never forget.
    Yo, those were the days I could never regret."