Saturday, July 4, 2009

adventure saturday in pictures, go!

we just wanted to enjoy the post-rain air outside and get some ice cream, and then we ended up hiking through the wilderness of berlin ;) enjoy!

i'm sure i was thinking about profound things there...

adventurous blondes! as if you didn't know her already, i present you my lovely co-explorer muserine!

a bridge over quite untroubled water.

one thing i noticed today: must be weird to go out with youtubers/twitterererers/bloggers. they always have a camera ready somewhere and tend to document everything (see the phone in my hand? rrrright.)

hiding. possibly from nazgul.

playground fun, myspace-edition.

playground fun, "let's have fun with the only phallic object there"-edition, part 1.

playground fun, "let's have fun with the only phallic object there"-edition. part 2.

dirty chucks. favorite chucks.

omgggg a youtuber in front of water! and a bridge! and green nature things!

i look somehow disappointed at the water. hmm. i really wasn't, i swear! it was awesome water! totally waterlike and stuff!

fellowship of the ring re-enactment. i swear this place was asking for an appearance by nazgul!
while posing and taking photos there, we witnessed a stolen-bike-chase. victim was a little boy. villain was a little boy too. how's that for a different experience on a relaxed saturday afternoon?

taking a photo of someone who takes a photo = ha ha. how fun am i. woot! it's a nice picture though :)

the size of this swing still irritates me.

also, look at the ground underneath that swing! it looked so weird and misplaced there. and i wouldn't have been surprised if the ground had opened and a monster had appeared.
(you may already know this, but that didn't happen. whew!)

then again.. something MUST have nibbled a bit on that monster swing.. well, i guess monsters just wanna have fun, too. *shrugs*

super romantic posing in front of even more water. and a sunset. love that photo!

and me! while taking a photo of muserine taking a photo of me. wow. are you amazed now?
i am! :)


  1. Onkel Sam..... (RichFranz84) says........ That was one helluva swing there. Fee Fi Fo Fum I smell the blood of an Englisch "bum"..... (Get it??? an english butt sitting on the monsters swing) hehehe... : )

  2. a well documented hiking afternoon! thanks for sharing :)

  3. cool photos :)