Saturday, July 18, 2009

a little late night blogging and bitching.

(well, late night for me at least. 1:49am here.)

geez the heat.. the heat drives me insane-o. it's cooling down a bit right now since it's been raining a lot today but i think tomorrow will just be as hot as the last few days.
not. interesting.
the kitty is crying for my attention and i'm sleepy so let's make this a quick one.

i'm so terribly annoyed by anything youtube-y right now. nothing's working properly, the new channel layouts hurt my eyes and are also buggy as hell and hooray! they tend to crash my poor little firefox every now and then. such fun.
i dunno. i always think: the hardest part about making a video shouldn't be uploading and waiting for it to be live, but right now it is.
when i watch videos, it takes forfuckingever so i can watch them without having to pause every now and then and let it load, and it's just all so... ugh.
i dunno.
just UGH.
i've had big plans for new videos and (i think) pretty neat ideas, but it's all so... UGH right now.
i'm sorry. we'll get back to that soon i hope. seriously.
i don't like when i feel like youtube hates me.

enough bitching for now, i needs some sleepies.

hope you're good!



  1. hmm, yeah. boo for the not so fun parts :-/

    It makes me very happy that green/butterfly-ninja-kiwi is still haning out here though ^_^

  2. I hope tomorrow isn't so hot. I know how the heat can wear you down. Wears down kitties too (but not as fast). It's after 2am and my brain is fried. I really wanted to write something interesting. Maybe even something slightly clever. And now that I'm typing, it's all too clear how that's not going to happen...

    Ok, goodnight, good morning, goozzzzzzzzzz

  3. Major YouTube problem - All my favorite 'tubers have vanished from my Subscriptions page (Anakin1814, AndyMooseman, CaptainFury2007, Ralfonzo83, and You!).

    My Subscriptions page is filled up with nothing but Nalts and Zipster and some other losers. And un-subbing and re-subbing doesn't get you all back on my list.

    I'm not happy with the 'Tube right now.

  4. Don't worry, I totally understand. The new Youtube layout makes me want to rip my hair out. It sucks so bad.

    Oh well, don't worry, your subscribers can wait for the Tube to get it's shit together. ;)