Thursday, March 6, 2008

The Visitor From Outta Space

...or San Francisco.
Today I had the pleasure to meet the great musosf aka. Mike in Munich!
And even if he may say something else.. I know that actually, he was only here because he wanted to visit me. That's right. Ha!!
Of course we got some footage (for two videos), which you'll see sometime soon on mine and his channel, and here's a little preview-picture...
Yes, we shot that in public. And the old guy sitting two benches down from us was probably having the time of his life, watching us.


  1. oh wow, that is surreal seeing you two together, or is it surreal because of the green photo? Either way, awesomeness. Can't wait to see your videos =)

  2. I can`t wait to see the Videos,the preview makes wanting to see them istantly

  3. Mars Attacks! lol

    Must see the Videos...

  4. Hello I stumbled with some of yer Deutsch leraning videos. They are pretty-funny. Let me detail these two words.... "pretty" as in you're pretty and "funny" as like they were a little bit stupid but really catchy fer da viewers.

    U know haow to promote yerself girl!!!!!

    Können Sie mein Blog besuchen????

    and as u would say:.... Tschüß!!!

    der Baßkrieger

  5. Seeing that picture again.. in green.. just makes it more.. well..
    let's just say I feel like I'm watching lost o_O
    (yeah, I might be obsessed now, what?)
    It's a cute picture though.. and I'd love to have been that old guy on the bench..

  6. thats awesome. i can't wait to some day meet some youtubers. :) heck, ya already feel like ya know half of these people!