Saturday, March 29, 2008

A YouTube Dream

Me and BenRobot sit in a silver colored car. Driving down a street in a big city. Nobody's there, the sun is bright and blinding. We listen to music.

A whole bunch of YouTubers that I have contact to on a regular basis and me are being chased through smaller streets and backstreets. Not sure what we're running from, but I think it's zombies. Because zombies are the best.
We all have cameras and record our chase.
It's sunlight from above, but the streets are dark because of high buildings around them.

thewinekone is singing to me. I don't know what exactly, but it reminds me of parts from Deep & Profound.

I walk by a white board. Attached to it is a banana and a post-it underneath it that says "This banana is a prop. It may be used for video purposes only"

And that's all I can remember.
That's what a night of tubing and being on stickam does to me. Good times.


  1. Whoa that's an interesting one! The banana part made me laugh.

  2. Fun times. Now go make a video out of this.

  3. I once had a similar dream, only with a cucumber.

  4. That banana part is so arty.
    Yay Stickam!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Look closely at the banana, you will see me trying to steal it.

  6. Hmm, do you dream in english or german? like with the banana sign...