Saturday, March 22, 2008

the 2.0 mood & my hair

And as I am almost on my way to see my dad over Easter, I thought I'd let you know that
1. I'm in such a web 2.0 mood today, I could blog every ten minutes. Therefor I decided to join twitter. Yes, you can now stalk me 24/7. Kinda. If you're there too, follow me!
2. I will change my hair sometime this weekend. Still very unsure about HOW I'm gonna change it (although I have a bunch of ideas) but seriously now, the blonde has to go. OR I'd have to get a total porn blonde, but I'm not so sure if that's the thing for me. My point is, it's been a year since I really REALLY changed my hair color more than just one or two nuances, and before that, I used to look different every other month or so. It's time for a change, I say!
Either way, say good bye to this color:
Happy Easter everyone! See you on Tuesday :D


  1. Hope you go with a red or orange kind of style or something...
    or black with red...

    can't.. make.. up.. mind...

    "The hair doesn't make the girl - It's the girl that makes the hair"

    Happy Easter!

    Rammstein - Zwitter

  2. i gave in to twitter to. i added you and responded.. but i dont know how all of it works.. still learning! :)

  3. Twitter, eh? Seems like a whole website devoted to the same thing as the ever-important Facebook status. I'd have to look into it...

    OMG Buffy, I'll have to admit I had a phase about a month ago where I kept on watching a lot of it favs are probably the musical episode, and the episode titled "Hush" with the Gentlemen...classic...look forward to the new hair...take care...

  4. I have to say that I loved your red hair in the nature YouTube post