Wednesday, March 19, 2008

OMG HI!!!!!!

Hey long time no see, people!
Everyone's doing alright? Good good.
Yeah well... I kinda totally sucked at posting as you may have noticed...
I signed up on livevideo today, totally random, I know, and I kinda always refused to sign up on other video sharing sites (although that one time.. I got emails like crazy from this guy from metacafe who toootally wanted me to sign up and promote my videos there and whatnot, but I didn't.. it was just... too spammy sounding)
Point being: people are leaving YouTube like crazy. I'm not one of them, and I don't wanna leave, but I thought it wouldn't be too bad to have some sort of backup on livevideo too. Also... I'm a sucker for saving my name on websites. The end.

Aaaaand how are you guys doing? Anything new in your world?
Wanna make a video now. Like.. now. Not sure about what. Maybe the muse will find me.

Oh also: I have Sony Vegas 5.0 now. Thanks to.. you know who you are <3
But since it works on m lame ass PC and not on the Mac.. I kinda.. ordered Final Cut Express a few days ago *blush* and it should be here soon. OMG I am drooooooling just thinking about it.

Okok gotta go. See you around!!


  1. Hiiiiiiiiiiii Kiwi, looks like I've stalked my way to this blog yayness. Anywho, whee for backups; always a good plan - although I hope that leaving of Youtube would be only in the direst of emergencies!

    Final Cut Express...sweetness. I should really work on getting something better than...Windows Movie Maker. Can anyone say retro? Sad thing is, I'm too cheap for real software, yay college!

    Mmmmkkk, ttyl Kiwi, chow.

  2. OMG HI!!!!!!

    Why not use like Revver or something?
    livevideo is kinda dead, eh?
    But it doesn't really matter if it's only a backup.

    Or you should just make your own website...

  3. I've got Final Cut Express, but I never use it - I continue to do everything in iMovie HD 6. When you figure out FCE, do a tutorial and post it on YouTube for me...

  4. Guten Morgen!

    Woo! Well, I don't really have any comments on YouTube. I have ideas for videos, but no camera that will do what I want it to. Plus I'm trying to save up for my move to Cologne. Hopefully I can get my webcam to work, though.

    Anyway, I decided to promote myself to you. so here you go. Webpage

    I am so used to a German keyboard, it's not even funny. I'm using a friend's English one, and this is taking forever. Enough!