Wednesday, April 29, 2009

oh em gee update time. yo.

hello dearest reader! i'm just assuming someone still reads this blog even though i've been abandoning it quite a lot lately. me so sowwy. really.
thing is, i'm so busy! ahhh! i haven't slept much and been packing my things for the big mooooove later this week (yes yes if you haven't heard, i'm moving to berlin and i am SO EXCITED ^___^) and just in general, there's been so much organizing and planning going on, i sometimes wonder my head is.
where's yo head aaaatt atatatatat.. shalalala. that's a nice song btw.
oh god, see what i mean?! this is how my brain functions nowadays. i say something, i think of something else, worst case scenario i even SAY something out loud then.. and so on and so forth. grrrraaahhhh.
anyway! i really just wanted to say hi, hello, i'm still alive and actually doing extremely fabulous, besides being busy and not having too much time for online things. which i MISS! no kidding. but!!! i shall get back to that soon. i hope our internet connection is gonna be set up soon and won't turn into another disaster of two months offline-time (because omg that sucked beyond suckage) aaaaand i'm pretty sure this time it's gonna work out a lot better. different isp, more expensive isp, basically the german mothership of isp's. yep. so.. i want some better service for my money!!
(also, i tooootally want to film some sort of ytv cribs with speedyconkiwi, once our place is nicely set up and with actual furniture and all that bwahahhaa -yes yes, i realize, megalomaniac. but JUUUUUUST a little. let me feed my ego if i want toooo!!!)

wow. i think i need sleep. hm. we'll see.
*looks at glass of milk next to her*
yeah ew.

what's new in your life? tell me eeeeeeverything ^__^

cupcakes and unicorns for all,
i'm a happy kiwi


  1. My big plans:
    Do math homework.
    Race mountain bikes.

  2. I'm looking for a new place to live but nowhere as exciting as Berlin.

  3. I hope you have a wonderful time In Berlin, I miss your videos on youtube specially learnign german :) have my best wishes.
    from Chile