Sunday, June 21, 2009

a journey.

i'm on my way from berlin to munich via train. actually, my journey goes a bit more south than munich, so all together this is gonna take a little more than 8 hours. whoopie! the sky is grey and cloudy and so is my mood. such a long train ride isn't all that much fun to begin with, but it's even worse if you're not even looking forward to your destination.
i have to take care of a last few things in my old apartment, get rid of spare furniture and all that crap.
i. don't. want. to.
actually, right now i feel like switching trains at the next stop (leipzig) and just go back home.
over-dramatic kiwi, right here.

there are two guys in my part of the train who discuss twitter and how useless and stupid it is. from what they're saying, i have a feeling they never even looked at the website, yet alone joined it to try it out or anything like that.
i love when people talk about stuff they obviously have absolutely no fucking clue about. LOVE it.
those two talking about twitter is just as stupid as two guys, talking about what it's like to be on your period.

yay!!!! only 6 hours and 50 minutes to go!!!! -.-

one more hour until i arrive in munich. it's so quiet in my part of the train right now, i think there are maybe 4 or 5 people here, including me. i even managed to record a little video and edit it here, fighting boredom and such, you know me.

THE NEXT DAY aka TODAY aka SUNDAY (dun dun dun duunnnnn!)
i'm at my dad's. yes, believe it or not, i actually made it. i arrived at 11:30pm, got picked up at the station, went to my dad's, and since then have been trying to trick my "mobile internet" crap stick thing to get some reception. it works, occasionally.
in a bit i'll pick up a friend of mine and we'll go to munich (by car. thank the holy mariah!) and then try to trash the spare furniture i still have there at my old apartment.
and you know what? until the end of the upcoming week, i (hopefully) won't have to deal with anything regarding that apartment in munich again. fingers crossed.

that's it from me so far. i'll totally annoy you more through twitter, and maybe blogger. just because i'm gonna be THAT bored :)

hope you're good,


  1. omg , do u love (not) munich that much ~_~ lol

  2. May the journey back to Berlin be a bit more Fun!

  3. aaaw kiwi, id give anything to go to munich again (i guess you dont have that much against munich, im assuming you dont like being in your old appartment). Really, just watch that big watch in Marienplatz :) i think youre in a great city (i love everything that's european xD its very different). Anyways, take care and bring me raffaello and stuff :D