Wednesday, December 24, 2008

More bitching about YouTube. Today's topic: Copyright. Hooray! PLUS: Christmas. Woohoo! (longest post title ever.)

Ugh, I'm so annoyed. YouTube has been such a douchebag lately with copyright things, one of my favourite videos ever, the "Scarlett Sunday Blog" (at least that's what I called it) by billilovesmargot has been taken down yesterday due to copyright infringement.
A few weeks ago, one of my videos on my beta-channel has been removed due to copyright infringement as well. I can live with that, it wasn't a big deal really since it was only that channel and not a video I liked all that much, but it still sucked.
So today I open my gmail inbox, and find an e-mail there about a video on my beta-channel that I had already audio-swapped like a year ago.On December 19, YouTube posted a blog-entry about how Warner Music Group is no longer a part of their AudioSwap program, and how videos that contain Warner content will have to be swapped with different music in the near future.
Apparently, the song I was using on said video was Warner content, so the video got blocked/rejected now, and according to the e-mail, it should have been fine to just audio-swap it with a different song from their program.But when I went to My Videos and tried to go to AudioSwap, this is what happened:Every single time.

Now I didn't care much about the video I'm talking about here and I didn't wanna bother too much so I just took it down, it was old and quite lame in my opinion but the whole process is just highly annoying. I understand that YouTube has to do something about copyright infringement as soon as third parties are involved that claim copyright and all that stuff, but the fact that things just don't work as they should in such a case is just extremely dumb.

So much for that part.

Also, I realized I haven't blogged much this month, and now you get a super awesome long long long post to make up for it. Probably no one will even have the patience or time to read all this, but that's alright. Online diary ftw!!!1!11

It's Christmas, we Germans celebrate on the 24th, yes yes, and I have such torn feelings about this day.
See, I used to really like Christmas, and I still do partially. I enjoy the cheesiness about it, the sparkling lights everywhere, the decorations, the trees, receiving and especially making presents, or generally people in a giving mood. It's nice! Plus, it's winter, and it's my favourite season, so there you go.
Then again, Christmas eve has been rather depressing ever since my mom passed away in 2002, and now it's just me and my dad, having dinner together, exchanging a few presents, and then we both go our own ways again.
We've been invited by several family members over the past few years to spend Christmas eve with them, but apparently my dad is a huge fan of traditions now and for him that means we stay here at home, and even if that means it's a lame two person event. Oh well. It's just one evening a year, it could be worse.
Also, on the 25th and 26th my sisters come over with their spouses/kids/boyfriends, and a full house with people I actually like is always a good thing. So something to look forward to!

Just saying, I'm torn and I have my reasons.

Plus, as much as I do like the cheesiness about Christmas, there are also a lot of things that just plainly annoy me. All the "Donate here, donate there" crap around Christmas time is just way too much (now I'm not saying donating for a good cause is a bad thing, but if you're able to and feel like giving, then just do it and don't wait for a certain time of the year!), Christmas pop songs suck ass, everything is even more commercialized than usually, people who all of a sudden run to churches because they feel like it's being expected from them to go at least once a year are just dumb in my opinion, and the whole "ohhh let's be quiet and calm and in peace with everything and everyone" seems fake to me and unnecessary. It's not like all the problems in the world can go away for a friggin holiday just like that. I don't wanna play nice with people I just don't like for the sake of a simple day that isn't all that different to any other day of the year.

So as some sort of reaction to all this I tend to spend my Christmas usually listening to Death Metal or so-called Gangsta Rap, watch movies that contain a lot of gore (zombies prefered) and just in case I go out and meet people, I like to wear even more black eyeliner than usual and dress in a more.. well, let's say "unholy" way. If that makes sense.

I have no idea why I'm telling you all this, but I felt like it so why not.

I don't know what your plans are for the holidays, if you celebrate Christmas or Hanukkah or something else, or if you don't even celebrate anything at all, but I hope you're doing fabulous, my dearest blog reader, and enjoy the last week of this year.
I am sooo looking forward to 2009 because exciting things will happen, it's gonna be a crazy year and I feel really good about it.

Until then, glitter, hearts, rainbows and cupcakes,



  1. Its so working!
    Happy Winter and a glorious 2009

  2. Man, that Warner Brothers audio swap story is seriously messed up! It would annoy me to high heaven, in your place.

    Also, I am partially with you on Christmas, sister. But partially, because I'm not torn about it at all. I seriously, honestly, and deeply despise Christmas! I am always glad when I can leave it behind me for another year. The girl that makes me love Christmas, I will most likely marry. Because that proves she can do anything.

    In diesem Sinne.. fröhliche Weihnachten! (c;

  3. great post, I could not agree more

  4. There are things about the holiday season that are absurd and pointless, but that goes for anything. If you concentrate on the good things, the spirit of giving, goodwill toward men and all that.. the season can be appreciated. At its core, Christmas is a time for tradition, and for simplicity. The modernization & commercialization of Christmas is what makes people hate it so much. So celebrate old-fashioned like, and be merry.

    Lots of love <3

  5. hi kiwi!!
    well you toube it is starting to suck.. but well what are we gonna do..
    hey your christmas is like mine, i just stay at home, just me and my mother, my father is going to work (that sucks, but he enjoys his work jaja) so i just stay and watch movies, or listen music or play guitar... thats an original way to celebrate christmas jeje

    thats all

    have a great holidays... celebrating it the way you want to and enjoy the season

    saludos desde mexico!!:)

  6. I love this blog. I do. It's sincere, witty, informative and so much more. This is my favorite post of yours to date. Thank you Kiwi!

  7. sorry to hear about your mom :[

    I don't really like Christmas, at least not here in the US... it's been way too Americanized and commercialized to where on Christmas.. I just wanna stay in my room and shoot people on my playstation... I Guess it kinda related to you "unholy" dressing in some weird kind of sense... or something...

    take care, Kiwi.

  8. hehehe your pic its kinna cheesy xD
    but anyway... yes sometimes Christmas is weird for the whole... lets be nice and good.. I mean ftw! you haven't do a single good thing in the whole year, why suddenly you'd do that... but anyways, this was my firs Christmas without my grandma(who was like my mom) kinna sad, but oh well at least my family joined together and there was more people.

    Anyway... Have a happy New Year and best wishes for you and every one!!!

    hugs and kisses with coffe and cookies taste :)

  9. so does that mean you dress slutty? hahahaomg!!

  10. Just stopping by to say great job on the Learn German videos! They're really helpful and I'm glad you've been making more lately.