Saturday, November 10, 2007

German YouTube, Spam for Love pt. III and Anti Chickenshit Club

You probably watched my last two videos about the launch of the German version of YT... Things have been a bit more crazy than usual since then, but hey, crazy = good in my world.
I'm not gonna go and start posting videos in German now. The main reason is that I simply don't feel comfortable talking to myself (i.e. the camera) in German. That might have something to do with the "melody" of the German language, because I simply hate my voice when I talk German, but I at least accept my voice when I speak English.
I know, that all sounds a bit weird and I don't know if I make this understandable... but oh well, language barrier taking over sometimes, what can I do ; )
The funny thing about the whole German YT is that now I get crazy honors on my videos right after posting them.
But anyways, new slogan "Embrace the honors" is working, and therefore I find it rather funny to be all over the honor lists on the German site.

And about the comments, and the Army:
I absolutely LOVE how things work out with only 5 or 6 people involved in the Army so far. But I thought about the fact that maybe... there might be some videos you don't want to be spammed all to the front page of the most discussed page.
So here's my idea: Every video you WANT to be spammed for LUV should contain a short and simple S4L in the description and/or tags.
That might be not necessary if you make a video that other people find awesome anyways, but to be sure about the whole thing, labelling it with S4L wouldn't hurt, right?
That's that.

The newest "thing" that came up while I was.. freaking out about the German YT and getting more exposure through that and the new honors and blah...
Here are some easy lines to remember whenever you feel like: "OH SHIT someone's gonna find me... my secret will no longer be kept.... what am I gonna do if YT collides with my real life??? AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!"
1. Embrace the honors.
2. Embrace the number of subscribers (no matter how creepy or weird some of them may be.)
3. If you feel like making a video... just GO FOR IT.
4. Even a negative comment is a comment.
5. Don't be such a chickenshit!!!
So talk about whatever you wanna talk about, be as silly as you want to be, the bigger your audience is, the better. And whoever has something negative to say about that.. F THEM!! You didn't force anyone to watch you, did you?
So join the Anti Chickenshit Club today... and live a happy life forever. Or something like that.

Yours tubingly, Kiwi

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  1. Yeah, S4L is a good idea.. let's do it!! YAY :D

    (wow, my this is my first "gig" as the NCS honarary motivator... or what was I again?.. I forget.. pfft.. nevermind..)