Thursday, January 31, 2008

2 months, 10 days

So I've been blogging on vox for a while now, but from what I've experienced there... The neighborhood thing is the only really positive point. The standard layouts there are pretty, yes, but can you work on them? Change anything about them? No.
This is probably not that interesting for people that have never had issues with their blog or that don't blog at all, but to me it is.
I don't see a blog only as a website where you can write stuff, it has to feel right, if you know what I mean. It has to be changeable to what I feel like. I think that's another aspect of the synesthesia (no, I'm not gonna explain what that is, look it up on wikipedia), and from what I've experienced with layouts on websites that I call "mine", the colors and shapes are important.
So I played around a little bit with the blogger stuff, and I think now I like it here better than before. We'll see.
Gonna work on a banner or other stuff now.


  1. !!!omg like we are so cool like omg!!!

  2. Welcome back to the '90s look!

    The two annoying things in here is that you can't see the post your commenting on and now I don't get email updates...

    But who cares I'm going to read it anyways!

  3. Yeah, writing comments without a stupid vox account rocks :-)