Thursday, January 31, 2008


My "Learn German" video is still on the education spotlight (irony, if you ask me) and since I even get a lot of stupid comments there I thought I could just share my favorites with you here.
[The emo vid would provide a lot more, but hell I'm lazy and I'm not in the mood to read over 1,000 comments of plain idiocy]

how great watching this video!your german is are pronouncing ver very good!i know taht,because im from germany near Munich(where the Ocotberfest is).when you said"Danke"i thought you are from germany.

Seriously.. your voice sounds like crap. Do us a favor and shut up. If anyone wants to learn this crap they will go to school for it.

no offense but germans talk rllllly funny.
u sound like elmo.
im takn german n ur a good speaker i jus dnt wnna sound like a real germanese lol

hey, I´m a german and i can really say that she pronounces it PERFECT... she speaks better germen than me ^^ but we´ve got this dirty slang, so... if u would talk to me like in this clip I´d say ur a gimp!

stfup EMO Bitch...
Germany SUCKS, no one need that language.
Do something else, go to your Punk friends

this is fuckin stupid and f you kiwie

i dont know what your talking about because am drunk but you dont seem like a hoe so your cool and hot

Good job. J'aime votre lecon. You look like the girl in Hotwords. hahaha. Keep up the good work.


weird vid.. :o)
have u been living in germany?

And this shit just never gets old:

I don't like your piercing.

You have something on your lip ?!

wow do you have herpes on your lips ?

Freak. Take that shit out of your lip/face, and stop wearing your anti-establishment ignorance in the form of a piece of shit t-shirt. Learn how to dress yourself. And again, please take that shit out of your lip/face.

what's on your lip? is that a ring or birth mark?
Not that I really care

what happened to your lip?
and is that a nose ring?

Beautiful, isn't it?


  1. omglol!

    I have no idea why my faith in mankind is constantly declining...

  2. I think you are beautiful and a delight to watch. Change nothing.

  3. They're crazy. You don't sound German at all! Peeepil kan bee so stoopit!

  4. they're think make fun of other people language make them more smart and the true is they're don't be able to take a plane and travel because, they afraid and also can't find Germany at the map.... greetings from Österreich

  5. hi just found your videos on i thing your doing great. don't let the idiots get to you. and the lip ring is called freedom of expression if they don't like it don't look. wear it with pride lol

  6. Hihi, Oktoberfest! Früher dachte ich immer Neuschwanstein oder Berlin wären die Hauptattraktionen in Deutschland, die jeder kennt. Aber die meisten kennen wohl wirklich nur das Oktoberfest... oder liegt das daran, dass die meisten Kommentare von irgendwelchen versoffenen Idioten kommen ;-) ? Jedenfalls eine ganz nette Sammlung soweit...

  7. i always refer to the people with nothing but bad things to say as "gromits", there's no escaping them, they're always gonna be there waiting lurking, with something horrible to say, and like half of the time they spell at least 2 things completely wrong, and other times everything wrong. god i hate gromits.

  8. it makes me so sad seeing how stupid people can be.

    and about the lip ring (and nose ring), keep it! i like it and it's nice seeing variety in people. otherwise, it's just so boring.