Thursday, April 3, 2008

A Dangerous Nap

Some of you know that I went back to granny schedule. Now you might be wondering wth that even is.
I will tell you.
Going to bed before midnight, and waking up before 10am. The end.

And since today I woke up at 5am and couldn't sleep anymore after that, I already had lunch at 10am (talk about granny style) and since the effing maintenance on YouTube pretty much made everything on there a big pain in the ass (disabled comment & ratings on all videos, no access to your account etc.) and then my internet connection decided to be a big old fool as well, I just went to bed again for a long nice 3 hour power nap^^

If you think my YouTube dream was weird, this was even stranger:

I am in my appartment in Munich. The doorbell rings. I take a look through the peephole and only see boxes. I open the door, and there are no boxes anymore, but Tupac Shakur and Alfonso Ribeiro (better known as 2Pac and Carlton from Freshprince of Bel Air). They come into my appartment and try to rob me. We don't have a lot of stuff here that is of any value, so instead they decide to kidnap me (kidnapped my Tupac? Hot! Dunno what the deal with Alfonso is though). Of course I try to fight the best way I can, and then I somehow remember that in TV shows and movies it was never a bad idea to try and make the people who work together get angry at each other. So I say some stuff I can't remember that gives me a few minutes to hide into my room.
Then all of a sudden they have guns. While Alfonso tries to come into my room through the door, Tupac manages to climb out my roommate's window onto her balcony and jump or fly or whatever over to my balcony (in reality we don't have any balconies at our appartment) and he then tries to shoot me. Misses everytime. Until he's out of ammo, and instead of bullets his gun now "fires" water.

Then my alarm clock rang.

I'm a weird weird girl.


  1. Better that pair than Christopher Walken... I think that would just freak me out all together.

  2. Carlton would never do that! He's such a nice young man.

  3. Talk about a money shot. Wohoo!

  4. WTF?!?!?

    I can understand Tupac but who the hell dreams about Alfonso Ribeiro? LOL!

    Damn alarm clocks always interrupt the best dreams...

    You're definitely a very special person Kiwi!

  5. I sent you an e-mail! Your'e a lovely person.


  6. I sent you an e-mail! Your'e a lovely person.