Thursday, April 10, 2008

Im lyk supr famus n shyt

Oh don't you love YT maintenance and how you can be sure, something that was more or less working before will now be absolutely messed up?
Like channel honors..I mean, it doesn't look too bad, I think, but still: wtf?!

Oooh and for those of you who asked me about this: no, I was not mocking paperlilies' Zombie Jesus Art Contest with my last blog post. I don't even know why you would think that, but to make that clear: I was not. Honestly, I found all the drama and hype around the contest hilarious and entertaining, and I really don't think it was offensive to anyone at all. And the screenshot I took was just one of those "right time, right place" things, maybe more like "right e-time, right e-place", but anyways, it's even posted on her blog too, so I'm sure it's all good in da hood.

On a different note, don't you love Chris3ff's Naked Vlog Campaign? I do. And what I love even more is that so many people participate, which makes me feel less awkward about being one of the first people to join.
And since I think a lot of people haven't seen Chris' second contribution to this (because of his second channel and copyright and less subscribers and blaaaah) I figured I could just post it here, because: OMG frikken hilarious. And pretty hot, tbh ^__^


  1. what?! Why did people think you were mocking me!? Hahaha ohhh Internet.

  2. Is it wrong that I watched Chris's video about 3 times now *chuckles*

  3. Congratulation, I appreciate your straight talk. If I'm not so popular, it doesn't matter much to me. For instance, how do you see the humbleness?

  4. Fortunately my blogspot account works. I begins to know speedyconkiwi because of youtube. I simply typed "Learn German" and then I got her video on youtube. I also have a livejournal account, myspace account and blogspot account and youtube as well.