Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Oh, that's new!

So again it's been awhile since my last post, and yes, I know I said I'd post more often in the near future. Didn't work out so far, but I'll try my best now.

Okies! Update time!

I recently started my first official "Subscribers thank you" tour. Before I had my little feature I normally went to every new subscriber's page and posted them a little "Thank you" comment, but after getting about 750 new subscribers in three or four days, that didn't really work. So inspired (and especially curious if it would actually work) by LisaNova, I started thanking my new subscribers on last Friday. Although I only copied and pasted pretty much the same lame comment (and I wish I could have had time for posting at least a bit more personal messages), it took me almost 7 hours to post all the comments there. I kinda feel bad about it, cuz after all, it was spam. Yeah, I said it, the bad s-word. But positive spam, if I may call it like that.
The "tour" started off as an experiment, on one hand I wanted to at least take a look at everyone's page, and also LisaNova mentioned severel times in her videos (or Danny Diamond's videos) that she did not use a spambot to write all those comments, and since I haven't seen a single channel without at least one LN comment on it, I was curious if it would actually be possible to write such an ammount of comments in a couple of days.
Considering that at that time, there wasn't such a thing as the anti-spam thingies (you know, that colorful boxes with letters and numbers in it), I still don't think it would have been possible for her to do that without a bot. Or at least 100 other people helping her.
Anyways! To make a long story short: I started the tour, then couldn't stop, and after almost 7 hours I was done, my arm hurt and my eyes burned, but it was fun though. And if you're one of my new subs and you're reading this: I meant each single word I wrote in this particular comment.

Furthermore, the Oktoberfest is starting on Saturday!! And I'm super excited (like every year) to go there, and I hope the weather on Saturday will be good, cuz we (i.e. me and my roommate.. yes. We're going there together. Oh joy.) don't wanna go to the tents (are those HUGE things even called tents?!) but to the beergarden. And it would basically just SUCK if the weather was bad on Saturday.
Anyways! I plan on making a short vlog (short. muahuahua - like THAT ever happens) about it before the weekend, and on Tuesday next week I plan to actually take you guys via camera with me and make a video from the Oktoberfest. So I hope that works out (big question: Will the weather be good on tuesday as well?).
And I really don't wanna jinx it, but AericWinter might be coming to Munich for the Oktoberfest which would be awesome and of course, if that should happen, we'll meet up.
But that's all still pretty vague. I just cross my fingers : )

Okies. There are a lot of other things on my mind right now I wanted to write about, but let's just save that for tomorrow or so^^

This is already soooo long and if you made it this far: Good job!! You'll get a gold star and a medal. Or something.

For now that's it from me.
Ttyl, Kiwi

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