Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Two posts in one day. I'm on a roll, baby!!
I totally forgot to mention that last Monday me and my good friend Lena went to our tattoo and piercing studio in Rosenheim ("Heaven and Hell") to get Lena her first tattoo!
That was fun and exciting and of course I took Cammy with me to film it all : )
I'll do the editing as well and the video should be finished by sometime today or tomorrow and will be posted on Lena's account on YouTube
I didn't have money to get a new tattoo or piercing, BUT at least I finally got to buy me a plug piercing (6mm or 1/4") and it looks awesome (at least in my opinion - I know a lot of people HATE stretched piercings even more than regular ones)!!!

So that's that.
New Vlog should be posted on Thursday. See ya!!


  1. I'm not too fond on piercings >.>, but whatever. I'm kinda weird though. I don't drink, get tattoos, or go out partying. Oh yeah, and just in case you didn't understand the whole "thanks for inviting me to the Oktoberfest" thing, I was making a funny remark of how you plan to take your camera with you. Besides, I don't drink, so it wouldn't be that fun in person anyways! I make fun of that kinda stuff all of the time. You probably understood my little joke, but I just wanted to make myself clear. Geez. Even after writing all of this, I still don't think that it is as big as your last blog! Awww.

  2. I like piercings too, but only to see them on others. For myself, I believe it would be a source of sudden shocks of pain, in my reckless and forgetful life ~ !!! :)