Friday, September 12, 2008

Going bye-bye.

As some of you know, I am currently switching my ISP. Meaning: my 24 month contract with my current ISP will no longer be after September 13, and even though I originally had an appointment set up for September 12 (which is today in my timezone) to get my new connection it seems like that's not gonna happen. At least not now.
I checked the status of my order, and so far from the 5 steps my new contract has to go through in order to get my new connection, only step #1 has been completed yet.
AWESOME. I know.
On their website it also says that from all 5 steps, each step takes a different amount of time, so the complete time span from ordering until getting the new connection set up and running may be up to 3-4 weeks.
So tomorrow we will see when and how that's gonna be. Just going bye-bye at a non disclosed time is not something I'm exactly looking forward to, especially since I'm still job hunting (online) and -what's a lot worse- just generally talking to my lovelies online, the ones I met online as well as most of my irl people who don't live near me anymore. I'm frustrated and clueless about what I'm gonna do now, but I'll try to figure something out.
I'm hoping I can crash at either my sister's or my cousin's place and steal their connection for at least a bit each day, just so I'm not fully disconnected from everything and everyone.
But this is bugging me to the extreme and I wish it would all be different and easier and faster and gaaah I'm rambling, I'm sorry, but I wanted to get this out of my system.
Would be nice to know how long offline-time we're talking here. But that seems to be random. So.. we'll see how this goes.
Let me just tell you I'm gonna miss you all, and I hope it will only be a few days.

So long,


  1. im building a mini kiwi as we speak in case we have to be parted....
    (ive already used up all my glitter!!!)

  2. Find some local wifi hot spots maybe? Just run around the streets with your computer and then camp out in a cardboard box on the sidewalk when you find a good connection. Or find a coffee shop with free wifi. That could be a dangerous combo.

  3. *CRIES*

    I hate internetz going bye-bye.


    *licks your face*

  4. I'll remember your mixtapes f-o-r-e-v-e-r. (and that story about freeway bumper cars). So long... *turns away. *lip is quivering. DON'T LOOK AT ME. *runs

  5. I'll miss your tweets!! hope offline-land treats you well. Happy wishes and lolcats for you.

    *sends good vibe*

  6. WTF! These idiots... Did they loose your order?
    I'm changing ISP for my family, too, in a few days. And I guess it is the same ISP since it has the five steps. We are at step four so far and I hope they don't mess it up. -_-
    I hope you have at least some fun while screaming at their customer service twice a day... :-\
    Cya hopefully soon again around the interwebs!

  7. I know exactly what you're going through. Good luck! :)

  8. Wow.Your ISP must be different over there. I move a lot so I frequently go through the Isp upheaval dance. However, I have found a solution! I bought a cable modem, so now when I move, I just call whatever local cable isp is around and give them the code on the back of my modem and they step up my internet within 15 minutes (give or take a few minutes and not counting how long they have me on hold.)

    My suggestion for you now is to check and see where your local Wifi hotspots are and hope that your sister/cousin don't mind you camping!

    we'll miss you Kiwi!

  9. I really need to get you into my google reader so I do not miss posts like this. <3 I feel yah though, I can not live without my net. Which is my I am attached to the thumb with my iPhone.

  10. Maybe you could get a UMTS flatrate until the new connection arrives? O2 e.g. offers UMTS flatrates with 3 month contract duration.

  11. Speedy with no kiwi??? Speedy sin kiwi? Me no want speedy, just want kiwi. I sound like a total 'tard! Aw well it's too bad because I just got into the whole speedyconkiwi craze sweeping over america... okay, maybe not ALL america. But ur a star! Miss ya!

    *leaves to nurse kiwi withdrawls*

    ~Nerlinks inc. making your world a stranger place~

  12. Gah! Why is everyone disappearing for extended periods of time!? I am gonna miss you, I was just getting used to having you around y'know! Anyway, I hope you find a way back sooner than later and until then, try to find computers you can use to keep us updated!!! Here's my mobile # if you are ever lonely: 1(508)505-0698

    Love ya xo

  13. you have such a fabulous personality, speedyconkiwi is why I love the internets <3