Thursday, September 4, 2008

Hardcore Extravaganza

Apparently I really like the word "extravaganza" these days. These days btw have been pretty good, and I'm a happy little Kiwi. I hope you're all doing fabulous as well!

So here for an update.

The lovely Miss Hardcore hosted another blogTV show with fun and games and booze and music, and this is the result of two contests:

How gangsta can you be?

Here the hostess herself:

And that's me!! Duh!

Show the Robot love!!

A more creepy mask than anything, by moi.

Bonezeee again, with the lovely face of Mr Roboto
Miss Kristalyn!!
And some robotic artwork from Miss Panda:
Also, after a 2 weeks and a few days absence from making videos I have returned with a BANG. Ok not really, the video is pretty pointless and stuff, but heyyyy at least it's a video and it could have turned out a lot worse, me thinks.
So here it is, watch and enjoy or not, do what you wantttttt!!!

Love, glitter, rainbows and kittens,


  1. Say, Bonzeee is spelled with 3 or 4 'e's

  2. Holla holla! Yay for blogtv extravaganzas! :D so fun!

  3. I can't wait to hear your rap battle :D