Friday, September 19, 2008


I arrived at my uncle's/cousin's today. My home for... we'll see how long! Now to celebrate this happy Friday with a happy picture of three happy faces. Yes, I know. I suck at writing today. But that's ok. I've been on a frikken train for like 4 hours today, that's enough to make one's brain not work all that well anymore.

Hugs, kisses, rainbows, kittens and all that other stuff,



  1. Are those guys related to Ben somehow?

  2. Look like fun people to crash with!

  3. can't wait til you make more videos, also can you stop being so attractive, it is distracting!

  4. Hallo Kiwi
    guten morgen
    ich hesse Deepak,ish comme aus India.
    Hello friend ,I am learning Gerrman.I saw your video in you tube .It is really amazing,thank a lot and I have become a fan of yours.
    pls visit me.

  5. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! You have a new video! Love the animals! I just rescued a puppy today! ... or maybe he was happy being a lone ranger.... hmmm. dunno. He farts alot though so I'm eager to find his owner! Don't think you wanted to know that T.M.I sorry! But let my experience be a lesson to you! I would put my email here so we could chat but, you have so many stalkers I'd hate for any of them to stick on me. Third robot... sounds fishy. Don't visit deepak... he weirds me out. I Don't know him, but now he's gonna send me a virus cuz I said that. Damn! But I love the videos, Kiwi!

    Nerlinks Inc. Making you world a stranger place.

  6. you're soooooooo sexy!
    if you leave next to France, email me!!!